The Romans had a saying that an army marches on its stomach and for me ensuring that Owner gets to receive healthy, nutritious food is something that i take great pride in doing. When Owner and i first met it must be said that my culinary repetoire was somewhat limited. However, with Owners active encouragement my confidence in the kitchen grew and became an integral part of our Female-led/Femdom lifestyle. Owner Herself is a wonderful cook but we quickly developed a routine whereby unless i was ill or unavoidably detained at work it should be i that prepares all the meals (and of course tidies and washes up afterwards). This little routine of ours starts from the moment when we wake up. Owner has to leave the house about an hour before i do for work and so i get up with Her, prepare breakfast and then make Her lunch. Then in the evening i prepare ou evening meal when i get back.

Of late i have started to try and ensure that Owner always has an option of home-cooked savoury bread for breakfast and/or to take with Her to work as well as making homemade biscuits on a regular basis for Her too. i have to say that baking and cooking in general has opened a whole new world for me. i used to just cook to eat i.e. to fill a hole. However, now i love to experiment, try different things and have become a little obsessed with baking. There is something wonderfully satisfying about feeding someone, anyone and people the world over do, i am sure, derive joy and satisfaction on a regular basis from cooking for family and friends. However, to me cooking and baking are also a further expression of my love and adoration for Owner. i obviously like to eat what i prepare too but there is nothing like the satisfaction derived from seeing Owner tuck in and enjoy. It's almost like sex (i did say almost!) in that for me the most wonderful part is the giving and not the receiving of pleasure and cooking is the same.

When i first started this blog many moons ago i wrote at the time that my ambition in life was to become a housewife for Owner and spending my evenings or parts of the weekend kneading my dough or stirring a soup is something i adore to do. Sadly i still have to go to work so the housewife ambition remains, for the foreseeable future, an unrealised one. However, there are still plenty of moments in any day when i can 'live my dream' and potter about cleaning or tidying whilst the aroma of freshly baked/prepared food wafts through the flat.

Why am i writing all of the above? i guess because to me being in a relationship that is a Female-led or Femdom one presents so many opportunities to serve and cooking is one wonderful way to do just that.