Last night Owner and i went to Club Pedestal, a Femdom club in freezing cold South London. We'd both already decided that, rather than try and struggle back North of the river after the club we'd take a decadent option and check into a local hotel for the night. However, there was still a 10 minute walk from the hotel to the club and so that is why, if you were walking or drving through the Vauxhall area last night, you might have seen a couple teetring along the pavement in impractical footwear and clothing on an evening when the temperatures fell below zero. Owner wore Her fabulous big sole shoes, see below

Whilst i was wearing my red high heels, leather spanking skirt with the (specially designed for freezing November nights) fully exposed derrier which was only just hidden underneath my little black coat. Yes, we were both done upto the nines wandering around in South London with me getting some most interesting looks as i tottered past groups of people huddled at bus stops wondering if they'd possibly had one too many already or had they really just seen a guy in full make-up, bright red nails, leather skirt with black stockings with red lacing and bright red shoes and a glittery red clutch bag totter past them. Good job they didn't know that if they'd been able to look under my jacket they'd have found my naked backside! At one point i  stopped to ask someone for directions prompting Owner to later remark how pleased She was to see my  public femming progressing. There are no pictures of me in my garb as photography is banned in the club, however, an interesting sight it must have been.

After successfully negotiating the mean streets of South London and having had a good time in the club people watching we headed back whence we'd come early in the morning. After breakfast Owner made the most of a late checkout time by taking me back to bed and abusing my titties with clamps and then fucking my mouth and then my pussy hard with Her favourite strapon. Owner has trained me well to become a complete slut and whore for Her and i eagerly spread my cheeks apart and thrust myself down hard on Her cock and breathlessly told Her how much i adored being fucked hard by Her. It was a truly wonderful way to start the day.

Owner has also decreed that, since i love having my tits clamped, twisted and abused so much (which is true)  tomorrow every hour throughout the day i am to present them to Her for Her to abuse. i have a feeling tomorrow could be a good day too!