Yesterday was my wonderful Owners bithday and so before heading out to work i baked Her a marshmallow, raspberry and cream swiss-roll style birthday which we both tucked into when we got home.

It was deliciously decadent!

Amongst the various cards and gifts that arrived in the post for Owner during the day ready for Her to open when She returned was one parcel that turned out not to be a birthday present at all, but rather an unexpected gift from down under for me. Over the years that i have been maintaining this blog regular readers will have noticed a couple of things about me. First, that i am less shy and more brazen than i was at the outset. Second, that my femming in public has gone from occasional terror (on my part) at the mere prospect of wearing just a touch of eyeshadow to something that feels a totally normal part of my normal out of work (and even partly at work) attire, whether in public or in private. Third, i now have a growing collection of bras which Owner likes to see me in at weekends and twice to work during the week (Wednesdays and Fridays to be precise!).

Now the subject of my bras has cropped up a few times in comments readers have left on this blog. Specifically, questions asking why i don't wear padded bras or falsies - mine are always unpadded and generally non-wired. The answer to that has been quite straightforward. Owner prefers me with what She describes as my nice flat titties and speaking for myself as someone who was born into a family of almost concave-chested women, breasts and specifically a desire for large breasts as part of my femming has never really been that much of an issue or unfulfilled desire on my part.

But, and this now brings me back to the additional parcel that arrived yesterday and also to the two wonderful people mentioned in the title of this blog, namely Mistress 160 and Her partner Sol. Although Owner and i have never actually met either of them both have been a constant and joyful, humorous, educational and inspirational part of our own long journey in a Femdom/Female-led relationship. Way back years ago when Owner and i were first starting out trying and learning how to live such a lifestyle there was a wonderful couple in cyberspace who we soon 'stumbled across' on a Femdom social-network site. Within that site there was a forum for Forced Feminisation which Mistress 160 moderated and in which She ran a series of photo challenges for members. This was at a time when i was still terrified of the girl inside me and so my early fumbling feminisation was very much of the forced kind. As my own confidence and comfort with who i am (a cross-dressing/trans submissive exhibitionist slut) grew the notion of 'forced feminisation' became somewhat redundant....indeed, even to the extent that Owners punishments consisted of depriving me of items of female clothing to wear.

However, by then we had both struck-up an on-line rapport with Mistress 160 and became faithful followers of Her wonderful blog and of Her and Sol's exploits down-under. In one of Her recent entries Mistress 160 posted some pictures of Sol wearing a new which i commented that it looked fabulous (which indeed it did). It was unlike any of mine in that it was padded.

And this brings me back to yesterady and the parcel that arrived from Australia. Mistress 160 and Sol had purchased and sent me not just a padded bra from the same supplier but also a wonderful pair of pretty, frilly panties too. With Owners permission i eagerly tried the bra on - it fitted perfectly. It was such a strange but wonderful feeling to look down and have breasts! i confess i did a fair bit of mirror gazing of my new boobs. i know that Owner loves my flat titties but it was wonderful to parade around with 'breasts' and Owner happily agreed to take a photoshoot of me today in our garden and in the flat. So, Mistress 160 and Sol this is what i looked like in your wonderful presents:

Now i'm thinking that bra would make a wonderful wearing at work or out in a park in summer underneath a tight-fitting halter-neck top public challenge - but that would be topping from the bottom! (grin). Either way it was a wonderful surprise and gift and thank you both.

But, and most importantly, happy birthday to my wonderful Owner and thank you for making me the happiest person alive.


Mistress160 said...

They both look great ... *grin*

sol said he knew exactly what you meant, re suddenly having boobs. And the unexpected high comfort level of the bra itself.

So glad you like them, and so glad they arrived the day they did. It was funny, I gave them to sol to post and of course it was Owner's name / address that we had from the last parcel you sent us. If I had thought it through I would still have addressed the parcel to Owner, for her to vet. But arriving as it did amid her birthday parcels ... well that's just icing on the cake. so to speak :)

Tamara said...

The bra suits you just fine. I hope your owner allows you to wear it once in a while.
And, btw, feliz cumpleaños to her!

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160 - many thanks again and i agree with Sol!

Tamara - thank you and thank you for your birthday wishes to Owner. i hope to be allowed to wear the padded bra a few times.