A few weeks ago Owner devised a series of challenges that She wanted me to undertake in one day. Holidays, guests staying and temporary ilnesses have conspired to delay the completion of these challenges but finally an opportunity presented itself yesterday to set aside time for some outdoor fun.

The day began with me being tied to the bed for 30minutes wearing just my Kahli's teeth device, heavy metal butt plug in my pussy and with my nipples clamped. Owner used the opportunity of my being tied-up and vulnerable to deliver some firm spanks to my exposed 'bits' whilst pulling hard on my clamped nipples - it was all deliciously uncomfortable!

Bed bondage over it was time for me to perform a strip-tease in our back garden for Owner to video. You can see the result below;

After lunch we then set off into town. En-route Owner had me play with my nipples on the tube as we headed towards Knightsbridge where Owner decided that it would be fun to have me play with myself in the toilets of Harrods whilst She waited outside for the photographic evidence. i have to admit to being terribly disappointed. The toilets were not at all as i had imagined then - very boring and dull and not at all ostentatious. Oh well. Still, the challenge was completed although holding a camera whilst simultaneously playing with myself proved tricky!

After leaving Harrods we headed back towards St James's Park where i was to complete my next challenge, namely to flash my knickers in the park. This was going to be interesting as the park was busy with tourists but eventually we found a spot. However, no sooner had we arrived than we realised that the group of people sat near us were all on an outdoor photography class and all had cameras with telephoto lenses - which explains the slight look of unease on my face in some of these shots;

Challenges completed we headed off for drink and a meal. It was a great day out.


Mistress160 said...

Well done!