Regular followers of this blog will most likely already know that i have and wear two different types of collar. One, the thick leather one with wrists cuffs attached, is for wearing at all times home. The other, thin leather collar with a small D-ring attached is for outdoor wear (except at work). However, to mark our forthcoming anniversary Owner has decided that my outdoor collar should be upgraded to a new model, specifically one that can be kept locked in place (the leather one just fastened with a buckle) and which is metal.

After much research Owner came-up with a shortlist of potential collars and then we discussed which ones on Her shortlist we liked the most. After a good deal of umming and aaaghing we've settled on a locking steel collar from a company called Wyred Slave. Here is a copy of the image for the design from their company website:

We're both really excited at the prospect of this new collar. It is my intention to wear it at all times (including to work) which will, i am sure, be a challenge to start with but in the end no more so than wearing my dog tag and mini-bell necklaces and make-up have been - all of which are worn daily. And anyway, i do love a challenge!

i shall post some pictures of me wearing the new collar when it arrives.


Mistress160 said...

Thank you so much for the link to this business. They do lovely work and we'd not heard of them before. We look forward to seeing the collar installed *grin*

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Mistress 160. From their website it looks fab and has had good reviews on IC. We can't wait for it to arrive and will post about it when it does.