i am delighted to report (i hope not too prematurely) that, thanks to a combination of regular exercises each day and Owners prescribed phylthio activities, my back seems to be very slowly recovering. Yesterday, Owner added another dimension to my regular back stretching exercises (in addition to having my titties clamped whilst completing them and then spanking my clitty upon completion). She instructed that i am now to wear my spiked chastity device everyday and to play with my clitty after each exercise session so that it gets hard and the metal spikes dig in to my flesh - i now have to do this each time i exercise in addition to having my titties clamped and spanking my clitty. Owner also performed another pussy inspection yesterday - this time tightly binding my nipple piercings together and then exploring my pussy with Her fingers before inserting and inflating the inflatable butt plug and switching it onto vibate mode. Whilst my stretched pussy throbbed and pulsed as the plug purred away inside and my nipples were pulled tight Owner used the opportunity to pleasure Herself with a vibrator. Once satiated She switched off and deflated the butt plug - leaving me desperately horny, frustrated and aroused.

Today, as part of Her evolving phylthio treatment regime Owner instructed that i was to attach and wear tassled nipple clamps for the duration of my daily walk and that i was to play with my clamped titties in the park. Each day i have been trying to walk a little further as my back slowly gets better and today managed to walk just under 2 whole miles (wow!) for the first time since the start of December. Not only this but Owner also seemed pleased with how i completed my challenge in the park en route as well - you can see me performing the challenge in the video below as i once again demonstrate how much i enjoy playing with my titties like a slut