A drought was declared for much of England a few weeks ago and, as sods law would predict, ever since we have had day after day of constant rain and thunder in London. Thus, when Owner and i set out to do a 'singing in the rain' photoshoot in one of our local parks this afternoon it was with pretty high hopes that rain it would. i brought along my lovely shiny wellies  and a brolly and was determined to wear a dress for the occasion.

Unfortunately, the rain did not materialise until we were both on the bus on our way back home (probably for the best as i broke my brolly and had to buy a new one). Nevertheless, Owner did take some photos.
Nervously looking about before removing my jeans

One welly on

oh dear, what has happened to my brolly?

i really should have pulled up my socks!

tart in a park

such a slut
We both enjoyed the little photoshoot and i can't wait for some more outdoor challenges :)