Well the experiment with the new PA-5000 chastity device lasted less than a week. The ring that went through my Prince Albert piercing ended up slightly tearing the hole and so as i type i am back safely locked in the BON4 silicone device. Owner reminded me that She had been sceptical about the PA-5000 from the outset and, once again, She was proved correct and our search for the perfect chastity device continues. My lessons has truly been learnt - Owner always knows best.

In the meantime, Owner has bought me the most wonderfully pretty new watch to wear. Attentive readers may have noticed that i don't wear a watch - well all that has changed after Owner bought me this really pretty timepiece to wear.

The watch is from Accessorise and is, i think, really pretty. As well as having a lovely pink leather strap the watch face is adorned with a delightful pink owl and flight of little pink butterflies - it's super cute and i love it!.

Meanwhile, as the European football championship progresses so too do my challenges. Recently, i had to fuck myself with both the big red dildo and the huge inflatable one, whilst being videoed, because Ukraine had beaten Sweden. You can see some stills from the video below;

The video itself is lodged over on Fetlife and can be viewed here.

Video challenge completed the next one to complete was to fellate a dildo for 30 minutes as a result of France drawing their match with England.

i have also had to wear an inflatable plug in my pussy for an hour as a result of Polands draw with Russia and had my clitty decorated wih 20 mini pegs for 20 minutes, as shown below, as a result of the drawn Italy vs Croatia game:

As well as the above there are some new outdoor challenges that i have to complete some time soon, one of which is to be photographed somewhere in London wearing just a basque, stockings, suspenders and heels. All in all it is proving to be an interesting competition and we are not even yet into the quarter finals!


susanrhodes said...

i hope that you have picked the right team tonight!! i would hate for you to have to suffer some more challenges.... or do you secretly hope to get it wrong!!!! lol

Happy pet said...

Thanks Susan and i couldn't possibly comment!! i have quite a few outdoor ones to complete now which we're aiming to try and do this weekend or next - but yes, i confess i do enjoy in a kind of love/hate manner! Does make the football more interesting though.