Owner surprised me yesterday by presenting me with a pretty little charm that She had ordered along with some new make-up for ourselves from the lovely people at Avon. The charm consists of two little red cherries and it now adorns my waist chain where it keeps the existing handcuffs charm company. You can see it below, i think it's very pretty;

This morning the clocks have gone forward an hour and Owner welcomed in the change in the hours by teasing and caressing my titties and clit in bed and then mounting me and using my body as Her dildo, humping my buttocks and grinding down on me as She brought Herself to a happy orgasm. Owner then turned Her attention to me and had me play with my clit and pussy for Her amusement, first in the bed, then infront of our new full length wardrobe mirror, next in front of our bedroom window and finally in the corridor where She granted me permission to cum. This i did copiously all over Owners foot and my fingers. You could tell it has been quite some time since Owner last permitted me to orgasm as the resultant mess took quite a bit of licking up!

We have now completed all of the decorating and DIY in the main bedroom of our new flat and have lots of new furniture. We also have a new leather covered storage chest in the bedroom so that Owner has a good-sized storage space for our toys and a useful piece of furniture for Her to use for spanking, caning, photographing and, perhaps, fucking, Her whore.

Last we have decided to bite the bullet and invest in what we both hope will be a good quality new metal chastity device for me. Of late we have not had a lot of luck with devices after years of good service from the CB-300. However, tonight we will be submitting an order for a Jailbird device which seems to have universally good reviews, including from the highly regarded (by us) Mistress 160 and Solipsist. What has swung it for me is that you can custom-size the device, thereby hopefully enabling us to order one that can both be worn without too much of a bulge in feminine jeans and also still enables me to do my pilates exercises comfortably. To be honest we're both delighted at the prospect of my returning to chastity, i honestly do prefer being 'in' than 'out' and whilst Owner likes to have me 'out' at times so She can play with my clitty She also believes that i can have too much fun and am overdue being locked away. The design of the device means Owner will still be able to tease and torment me whilst wearing and though it will have to be removed for airport security i hope to be able to kept locked up for extended periods of time.