One of the consequences of Owner and i having moved house is that we no longer have access to a garden meaning that the days when Owner could instruct me to do naughty things by way of garden challenges are now gone. We have no regrets about no longer having a garden as we have a beautiful park just round the corner and our new flat is much, much lovelier than the last one. That said, Owner did enjoy opportunities to get me to do dirty things in potential full view of our neighbours.

However, earlier this week Owner hit upon a genius idea. Our new flat is on the 1st floor and it has large windows in the lounge that overlook the street and the houses opposite. Recently, i have been spending most of my free time in their painting and decorating after we had the walls re-plastered. But, on Monday i received a text from Owner that caused me to quickly change out of my painting clothes and into something, well a little less practical. Owners text read;

'Pet must wear his black dressing gown [this is a sheer lace dressing gown] and a pair of panties only and be prepared to place himself in front of the lounge window when owner texts him'

This was followed by a second text that read;

'Owner will b across the road and will want him to play with his titties and clittie and remove his panties and show them to owner.'

Then a third which read;

'When owner crosses the road he has to position himself on his fours on the top of the stairs sucking the brown dildo and with the pink gloves and lubricant ready and next to him'

Needless to say these instructions placed me in a state of high excitement! It was dark by the time Owner texted me to say that She was walking up the street and it was time for me to put on my 'show'. Accordingly, i switched the lounge light on and walked over to the window in just my lace gown and panties and peered out into the darkened street looking for Owner. i spotted Her approaching on the opposite side of the road and began to part my gown and caress my titties. i undid the belt and let it fall open as i pulled and stroked and pinched and twisted my pierced titties with one hand whilst my other moved down between my legs and began caressing my clitty through my panties. Owner watched from the pavement opposite as i played with myself in the window for Her like an Amsterdam hooker, eventually removing my panties and waving them at Her. At this point She crossed the road and i scurried out of the lounge to position myself at the top of our stair, sucking cock as instructed. i stayed like that as Owners gloved and lubed fingers probed, explored and filled my pussy whilst She told me how much She'd enjoyed watching Her whore perform so shamelessly at the window, how i could expect to have to perform publicly like that more often (possibly even on occasions when She is not there to see in person but has instructed me by text) because She loves to have me demonstrate what an exhibitionist little whore i am. Finally, Owner had me bring myself to orgasm all over the floor as She pumped my pussy with Her fingers whilst still telling me how much She was looking forward to me having to perform in full view of our street.