This evening before dinner Owner administered a caning. She commenced as usual by first warming my derrier with her hand and then with a paddle and a flogger. Owner also used the opportunity to lightly crop my chastised clitty by striking me with Her riding crop repeatedly across my exposed 'bits' - i parted my legs as She did so to afford Her proper access, relishing the sensation as my clitty became engorged inside its cage. Owner then moved onto the cane itself striking me repeatedly across my bare buttocks, pausing and then commencing again. During these pauses Owner had me pull and twist my nipples or spank my chastised clitty and finger fuck my pussy for Her amusement before She resumed Her work.

After a short while, and with my bottom glowing red and criss-crossed by little raised welts from the cane Owner stopped and announced that She thought i needed to cool down. However, Her method of cooling was deviously unorthodox. Throughout the caning i had been wearing a tiny little dress that barely covers my arse and stockings with suspenders. Owner stated that i was to put on a coat, a pair of boots and some panties and go downstairs, walk out of the flat into the street and collect some snow from the pavement. i was then to take down my panties and fill them with the snow before pulling them back up and returning inside the flat to present my cold wet bottom for Her inspection.

A couple of minutes later i was to be found back inside the warmth of the flat, cold melting snow dripping down between the cheeks of my bottom and onto the floor with a very sodden pair of panties around my ankles as Owner inspected by fast cooling backside. Satisfied and amused Owner instructed me to clear away the caning implements and prepare dinner whilst She showered.

Incidentally, this was our second bit of fun with snow over the past few days (there is a lot of snow in London at the moment). On Friday night Owner booked us both into a wonderful hotel as a birthday treat for me, it being my forty-third birthday. The hotel we stayed at is called The Zetter and is a wonderful little boutique hotel in Clerkenwell. Anyway, at one point in the evening i was to be found semi-naked outside on the snow covered balcony smearing my titties in snow to make them even perter than usual for Owners entertainment. It was a lovely night.