Owner and i have finally arrived back home after our respective Xmas and New Year travels visiting family. Despite the floods in  South West England i was able to make it down to see my Dad and his partner whilst Owner headed out to Her family in Northern Spain. Whilst we were apart i stayed locked up in my new chastity device, only permitted to unlock my clitty when it came to my turn to fly out to Spain to be reunited with Owner for the New Year. i stayed unlocked until we returned together back to London and back to work whereupon my clitty was placed securely back behind bars again. i confess i do like to be back in chastity and, though metal the device is sufficiently small (we ordered one of the shortest lengths available as i only have a little clitty) to be worn under tight jeans without too obvious a bulge showing. Owner also seems very pleased with the new device as its' metal bar design enables Her to still prod and poke my tiny clit through the bars of the device whenever She so desires.

There were a couple of amusing (well to us at least) incidents to report over the festive period both of which were similar in nature. The first was a comment made by my Dad who said how he thought that from behind i looked like a woman. The second came when an airport security guard in Madrid who, in trying to attract my attention to go into the correct queue at passport control, kept calling me 'señorita' until he realised his mistake. i was flattered and amused by both these remarks as on neither occasion was i wearing any make-up - although what my Dad thinks i look like from the front he never did say.

Anyway, happy New Year to you all from Owner and i.


Tamara said...

Well, I can imagine that you were flattered. I guess, being mistaken for a woman is one of the greatest compliments a sissy can get.

I hope there will be a lot more amusing incidents for you to report this year.

¡Feliz año nuevo, señorita!

Happy pet said...

Thanks Tamara and happy New Year to you both too.