As i briefly mentioned in my last post, Monday this week was Owners birthday. We were travelling back from our short break in the Peak District that day and so i was not able to take Her out for the evening. However, i did manage to make amends last night by taking Her to see The Royal Ballet's Alice in Wonderland at the Royal Opera House. It was a wonderful performance which we both greatly enjoyed. Earlier we had returned to one of our favourite restaurants in Covent Garden for dinner (which Owner insisted on paying for!)

So, apart from the trip to the ballet, what did i get Owner for Her birthday (aside from the new glass flogger - the handle of which can also go you know where, and a new vibrator)? Any guesses? No, not that! The present i was really chuffed to find was actually a joint birthday/anniversary gift for Owner and this is it...!

What the hell is that? i hear you say.  Well let me explain, it is actually deeply personal to us both. You see that is an original and framed 1970s bus destination sign for a special bus service running, as the legend says 'To and From Bond Street'. So what, what's so special about that? Well Owner and i originally first became aware of each others existence 8 years ago when we were going through divorces. We started chatting on a vanilla social network site recommended separately to us by friends called (aside from the people who recommended the site to us we are the only people we know who ever heard of it. Anyway, i digress). Owner sent me a message and we started chatting on and off online. After a few exchanges we both said it would be great to meet in person. And where did we arrange to meet? At Bond Street tube station. So that station played a huge part in our lives as we were both different people (we were single divorcees when we arrived to meet up and when we left, well OK we were just friends for another 5 months until Owner got bored of waiting for me to make a move and snogged me in Charing Cross Station - this being the date of our second anniversary each year, yes we have two one in May and a second in October).

Nonetheless it was at Bond Street in a sense where our journey together began and so this sign just seemed so completely appropriate. Incidentally, we still go back to the same restaurant where we first went to those 8 years ago for an anniversary meal each year. The other great thing about the sign, which as i say is an original 1970s bus sign is the fact that it comes from the 70s. We too are both from that decade (the very start) and so again it just seemed really appropriate.

So there you have it. Before Bond Street was life before Owner and post that event has been life with Her and a wonderful life it is too and journey we have been on and continue along together. Whilst it took an initiative by Owner to move our relationship on from 5 months of being 'just friends' to something else involving tongues etc! it was another few months still until i plucked up the courage to write to Owner setting down who i was deep down and what i desired (an FLR relationship) and inviting Her to move in with me. But it was Bond Street where our journey began...we both went to Bond Street and have been on our own amazing journey from Bond Street ever since.

Thank you Owner, you are quite simply my world.


Mistress Marie said...

This is just beautiful. I love getting to know more about you and how you began and I bet she was over the moon about her present. You did very well.

So when you two first were together it was vanilla? Did she have a kinky side to her before you came along and asked her for an FLR? Was it an easy transition for her to become your owner and have you dressing as a woman?

I imagine where you live in Europe things are not as conservative as they are here, so perhaps you are more widely accepted being out together as you are. I think that part is great, because if I went out with David dressed as a woman we would not be very well taken.

Just curious as to the history of how you went from that letter to where you are now.

Happy pet said...

Hi Mistress Marie - thank you for your lovely comment. The blog is now 5 years old and you can see how things have gradually evolved for us both over that time in its entries.

Yes our relationship began as a completely vanilla one but then 'transitioned' after i had sent Owner my letter. She had no experience of FLR or Femdom and mine was limited to my fantasies.

For many years before ever meeting Owner i had secretly sometimes worn women's underwear but always in secret. Owner began to gently push and challenge me in a feminine direction - i can still remember the horror i felt at a restaurant once when she produced a black bag and told me to put on what was in the bag in the restroom and re-join Her at the table - it was a bag of make-up. Thus it began as 'forced feminisation' which then spawned a monster LOL! i now couldn't go back to the non-feminised person i once was even if i tried.

We also started having me in chastity early on (at my initial suggestion as this had been something i was interested in). Owner discovered She enjoyed having me locked up and aside from when i was not well last year She has had me almost permanently locked-up since. She has always permitted me an occasional release but i have noticed that the periods between these are getting longer (this year they have averaged a release 40ish days) which i welcome as my fantasy is to one day be permanently denied. In addition, aside from one occasion since we first moved from a vanilla to an FLR relationship we also stopped having penetrative sex although we'd argue we have the best sex lives ever.

So essentially we have developed by trial and error a relationship that works for us and continue to evolve. We read a lot of books and blogs at the start and tried to 'follow/implement' what others had suggested until we realised some things that work for others don't for us and am sure vice-versa. One real joy is that we continue to learn and develop together as a couple.

And yes, we live in London. i found people are more tolerant than i first imagined. However, am sure being in a city helps. No one really notices you and if they do it is likely that they have previously seen something much more 'interesting' than little 'ol me. My attire barely registers.

That said i/we do take inspiration from others to help push and develop me further, a recent example being my wearing my collar at work (as well as make-up etc) which i now regard as just normal but was terrified of on the first day.


bob said...

From little seeds great things can grow you planted the seed in her mind of the lifestyle you dreamed of when you wrote that letter and your Owner has nurtured it and grown it for you to make you both very happy she is a very special lady and you are a very lucky slave ;-)

Happy pet said...

i am indeed Bob