London is currently sweltering in the midst of a heatwave, weather that neither Owner nor i greatly enjoy - Owner especially not. This afternoon as we sought refuge in the cool of our bedroom Owner took the opportunity to first tie my wrists to the bed before proceeding to spray me with cold water - it was quite refreshing

However, i have been feeling the heat a little this weekend in more ways than one. Yesterday, Owner had to upbraid me for failing to maintain some of my expected domestic duties. i was deeply ashamed and very apologetic as She shouldn't have had to scold me that way in the first place as what had upset Her (not keeping the fridge was properly clean and being too focused on trying to look pretty and failing to pay proper attention to my duties) was something that should not have occurred in the first place. Thus it was that Owner had to point out the error of my ways last night. There is nothing more shame inducing than knowing that you have let down the one you love and adore.

Then today to add insult to injury shortly after the photograph above was taken i had a sudden and unexpected leakage, despite being locked in chastity. Owner had been torturing my titties for a bit and having fun spanking and caning my clitty and massaging it with Her vibrator, whilst i lay there with a dildo in my pussy, when suddenly, disaster as i leaked everywhere. This weekend really has not been my finest hour :(


Armando said...

That sounds like a wonderful load of stimuli. Certainly replacing vanilla stimulation of the penis with activities such as caning and anal, something is gonna give. Dare I say you experienced something akin to a female orgasm? I kind of envy you hon, as we I have not yet achieved this myself, but undoubtedly close. Nonetheless I trust you have been administered proper punishment for your mess ^ ^ .

Happy pet said...

Thanks Armando.