Owner and i have an enjoyable couple of days. On Thursday Owner administered a caning which She enlivened by having me fellate Her current favourite strap-on (Her 8inch red number) in between  some of the strokes and then had me lick Her wonderful derriere whilst She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator. i absolutely adore being able to worship Owners gorgeous rear this way and bury my face between Her cheeks. When She had satiated Herself Owner resumed caning me before then lightly lubing Her cock and easing Herself slowly into my welcoming pussy until She was fully inside me and then proceeding to vigorously fuck my hot hole whilst simultaneously switching on the vibrate mode of Her strapon. Soon She was thrusting hard in and out of me and forcing my face down into the cushions of the sofa on which i was knelt as She reached Her orgasm and collapsed spend on top of me. i was safely in chastity the whole time ensuring that for the rest of the evening i was left with that deliciously uncomfortable aching in my bits, the by-product of frustrated arousal.

The next day after leaving for work Owner texted me a request to 'spank my derriere 20 times with a brush whilst having naughty thoughts' before i started work myself (i was working from home). Owner pronounced Herself pleased with the results of the following video which i took of myself fulfilling Her request.

Today we headed out to West London to pay a visit to Hampton Court Palace. Owner requested that i bring my princess tiara to take a few photos of me wearing in the grounds of the palace. This is the result

It was good fun and i even got to show off my matching blouse and bra.


Mistress Marie said...

Love the matching shirt and bra. You really love being shown off in public.

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie, i am a little exhibitionist slut and Owner enjoys encouraging me to pose and show how slutty i am. We sometimes joke that we'd love to have some benevolent soul pay for us to travel around the world with me posing at numerous famous landmarks.