Yesterday evening Owner presented me with a wonderful new silver charm. It is in the shape of a heart and is inscribed to 'My pretty wife' and has the date of our wedding on the reverse. It also has a very pretty pink gemstone hanging from the charm.  i love it and have attached it to the chain that connects my two nipple rings together. i think it is super pretty. Here's a close-up of the charm;

And this is it in situ;

The charm slightly weights the chain between my two nipple rings which in turn gently pull and tug down my nipples, sending delicious little thrills through them all day.

i do so love my pretty accessories!

After presenting me with my new charm last night Owner administered one of my regular canings. As usual i had prepared the room and Owners implements in advance for Her. However, i added a few new items this time alongside Her usual collection of paddles, canes, crops, clamps and toys etc. This time round i added a large wooden spoon and a couple of hairbrushes. The spoon went down well with Owner who used it to warm me up before then flogging and caning me. Owner commented how the spoon made my bottom nice and red  - i have made a note to add it to the usual collection of implements laid out for Her to use in future sessions.

i was out of chastity during the session and Owner used the opportunity of having unfettered access to my clitty to good affect, both flogging and gently caning it. i actually love to have my testicles caned and spanked (whether in chastity or not). Whilst being teased by Owner about how much i obviously enjoyed having my clitty spanked and caned i told Her that indeed i particularly enjoyed having my testicles spanked and would love to have them spanked, or be made to spank them, on a daily basis.

After the caning was over Owner positioned a dildo between Her thighs, sat down and had me kneel before Her and fellate Her 'cock' whilst simultaneously instructing me to finger my pussy with one hand and masturbate my unchastised clitty with the other. Owner ensured that i eagerly sucked and licked her 'cock' - pushing my head down onto it and causing me to gag and gurgle and snort saliva and mucus out my mouth and down my nose. i really was excited as Owner kept telling me to make myself hard and play with my pussy whilst at the same time my mouth was stuffed with her cock.

It had been exactly a month since i last was allowed to cum and it didn't take long for me to become dangerously excited and aroused. Owner sensed this and kept having me stop and then re-commence playing with my clitty, all the while ensuring my head continued to bob up and down on Her cock. As i did this Owner kept telling me what a whore i was and how much i enjoyed sucking cock...which of course is true.

After a few more minutes Owner stated that She wanted me to make myself cum with Her cock in my mouth. Needless to say it wasn't much longer before a months worth of denial was spurting over my hands and chest whilst i continued eagerly sucking and slurping Owners phallus. i scooped up my mess with my hand and swallowed it like a good little slut whilst Owner made appreciative comments about what a dirty  whore i was and how i loved to cum with cock in my mouth. And of course this was true. i did indeed enjoy it. Interestingly, i have also grown to like the taste of cum. Years ago i always liked the idea and prospect of having to eat and swallow my cum but when the moment of release had, so to speak come, i'd always found the reality less enjoyable than the idea. Now, however, Owner has helped me appreciate and enjoy its taste.

Session finished it was time to quickly make myself decent and serve Owner Her dinner. Owner instructed me to ensure i returned myself back to chastity as well. i have to say that when i caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror as i cleaned myself up and put the device back in situ i did look somewhat disheveled. My face was smeared with a mixture of cum and saliva and my hair was all over the place - in short, i really did look like the well-used whore i am.


Florida Dom said...

Looks like you shave your pits and chest so you are smooth to please her.


Happy pet said...

Thank you Florida Dom and yes i shave everywhere apart from my arms themselves which my Owner prefers me not to.