Owner and i have just returned form a wonderful weekend break in Zurich. We were both really impressed by the city and had a wonderful time, we just wish we could have stayed for longer. Here are a couple of shots from our stay in the city;

Whilst there we also had an opportunity to try some of the local delicacies and i was treated to a delicacy of Owners, namely being permitted to lick Her derriere as She masturbated, my favourite activity. Once Owner had been satisfied and satiated She then instructed me to make myself cum loudly for Her whilst continuing to explore deep inside Her delicious anus my tongue (beats any chocolate the Swiss have invented hands down for taste and flavour!). It was a very happy whore indeed who soaked the sheets in our hotel bed before scooping up my mess and savouring it as a tasty appertif.

As well as chocolate and sausages another thing Zurich does well is beer. Over the course of the trip i had been doing well to ensure that i followed the new rule that says i am to assume i am not permitted any alcohol to drink unless and only if Owner suggests/offers it first - a rule i myself had suggested to Owner. i was thus mortified when at lunch on the last day of our visit i made an awful mistake by asking Owner if i might have a beer with lunch? i had totally forgotten that the rule does not permit me to prompt such a question of Owner, something She quickly and correctly pointed out. i clearly still have a lot to learn and improve upon!

Amongst the souvenir items we brought home with us there was one in particular that i am delighted with. Namely, a small Swiss cow bell that is no attached to my leather house collar and rings whenever i move about at home.


Robert_Anthony said...

Glad you enjoyed Zurich, I went there about five years ago and it was the best place I have ever been to, would love to go back.

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Robert. We both had a great time and really loved the place, was just a shame we were only their for the weekend.

Owner had never been to Switzerland before and was most impressed with the transport systems.