Yesterday Owner and i went to the movies. As is now expected of me by Her whenever we go to the movies or theater together i was instructed to change into a skirt when we got to the venue to wear for the screening. i was then allowed to change out of my skirt and back into my jeans for the journey home. The picture below was taken whilst we waited to enter the theatre. On previous occasions i have worn tights with my skirt, but as it was a warm day i went bare-legged this time. As i think you can tell from the picture i quite enjoy wearing my skirts out in public (though i do still get nervous). Afterwards Owner said She was pleased with me too and remarked that i looked quite a slut in my little skirt - which of course i am. You can judge for yourself below;

Incidentally, the film we watched was The Two Faces of January - which was OK, not brilliant but OK with some lovely shots of Greek landscapes