i have done a little bit of tidying up to the blog landing page which i hope makes it a little less cluttered. Previously i have listed all of Owners rules for me and the routines i follow and activities i am expected to undertake down the side of the blog. i have now created two new pages for the blog which i hope you will find interesting. These are

  • About Us - this is a short biography page that provides a bit more background information about Owner and me, our relationship and how we developed as FLR FemDom couple over the years
  • The Rules and Routines by Which i Live - this is now the home for all of the rules Owners sets down for me and the place where i also detail all of the daily, weekly etc tasks and activities that i am expected to undertake. i have updated these to reflect the latest development goals Owner has set out in Plin, Plan, Plon 4.
Meanwhile, although the next Phase of my development (Plin, Plan Plon 4) is not due to commence until the start of December (and runs through to April 2015) i have already started to try to implement some of the new expected behaviours etc so that i can (hopefully) hit the ground running on the 1st December. This new Plan is organised using Trello. i must say that now i have got used to it i am finding it a really, really useful tool. It has enabled Owner and i to rationalise what had previously been a whole suite of separate documents and spreadsheets into a single place. i can now update what i have done from my laptop, tablet and phone and Owner can check and comment at any time too. This is what the main page of my account now looks like and this is what i now check daily to see what tasks need doing, mark off what i have done, etc, etc.

Yesterday, Owner treated me to a special surprise. i was walking to collect Her from the station as i usually do when i am working from home, to carry Her bag back (i also carry Her bag for Her to the station in the morning) when She suddenly called me to say that She was sat in one of our local bars and had ordered me a drink and that i was to join Her. There has been no repetition of the infamous occasion a few months ago when i had an alcoholic drink without first having been invited to do so by Owner. We have had different family members staying and have gone out for meals, i have cooked at home and served them drinks but i have not had one myself as Owner had not said that i could. Last night, however, Owner decided that She wanted to have a drink with me and so i was permitted to have a couple of beers.

We are now at a point in our relationship where Owner makes all the decisions as o whether or not we will be going out, what and where we will be going and whether or not i will be permitted to drink alcohol or not. That control is also now extending to Owner deciding what food i will have when we are eating in a restaurant and will order for me. i love this continued extension of Owner control over my life. Owner may at times permit me to make suggestions but She is in control and that is how we both agree it should be.

Last, it is just under a week to go before i sit my Spanish exams. i have an oral exam on Friday and then written exams on the Saturday. i have been revising hard and have also been sitting past papers - fingers crossed i may actually pass my first ever formal language exam - which will be a minor miracle! Meanwhile, whilst i have been revising Owner has started practising making Her own jewellery. She made me these beautiful earrings which i love, She truly is a woman of many talents.

The silver heart at the base is actually a little bell as well so i tinkle as i walk!