Last night Owner instructed me to remove my chastity device and to not put it back on until this morning. When we went o bed She used the opportunity to gently tease and caress my now liberated clitty before going to sleep. She did the same again this morning before breakfast and then after we had eaten She had me spoon up against Her in bed and rubbed Herself against my excitable little clit, which She also encouraged me to masturbate until it was hard. All the while She focused Her attention on masturbating Herself with Her fingers.

Once my little clitty was hard and rubbing firmly against Her She reached into Her sideboard and extracted a vibrator and one of Her large plastic hair clips. She instructed me to attached the clip to my swollen clit and then start to masturbate Her with Her vibrator. Owner directed operations, telling me when She wanted the power of the vibrator increased, its position changed or when and for how long i should also lick and suck Her nipples. All the while the teeth of the hair clip made their mark on my clitty.

Tiring of my own efforts Owner took the vibrator from me and rolled onto Her side. She re-positioned the vibrator between Her thighs and then asked if i would like to lick Her arsehole? This is one of my all-time favourite activities and i eagerly replied in the affirmative. Thus it was that i spent a happy few minutes with my tongue exploring deep inside Her anus as Owner brought Herself off to a shuddering orgasm with the vibrator.

So, what has this got to do with having sex like a dog i hear you ask? Well, Her own pleasure sated Owner turned to me and asked if my clitty was sensitive and aroused. On hearing that it was She then instructed me to masturbate it against Her leg. It didn't take much of me humping Her thigh until i could feel myself close to cumming. Owner instructed me to 'come like a slut' and so, one arm wrapped around Her upper high and clit grinding back and forth against it i came all over Her beautiful leg. Owner quickly had me lap up my cum from Her pearly white flesh and the bedclothes before instructing me to return back to chastity again.

i was very lucky to be allowed to lick and explore Owners anus with my tongue and also to cum on Her leg and lick up my mess. Owner often remarks what a slut i am and i love to be Her slut. She also made it clear this morning that i have not spent enough time being tied-up, tortured, teased and tormented and used purely for Her sexual pleasure as Her human sex toy, a situation She intends to correct. Her words put a spring in my step and i returned to chastity and to the days chores a very happy wife indeed!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely scene... Having to hump my Wife's leg is one of the most humiliating, but glorious, things i've done. sara e