Owner and i have had two really enjoyable weekends. Last weekend we travelled to Vienna to experience the Eurovision Song Contest in the host city. i have never been to Vienna before and we both had  a wonderful time. Eurovision is the only TV programme that i watch, i am quite a fan!

This year is Owner and my tenth anniversary year and so Owner treated me to a trip to Vienna to experience the contest. Although the weather was rather damp we had a fabulous time. The trip got off to a flying start when we bumped into the legendary Irish host Graham Norton in baggage reclaim in Vienna airport. He was absolutely charming and very kindly let me take a selfie with him. He was sporting a vote yes badge for the Irish referendum on gay marriage and i was thrilled to hear the results the next day when Ireland voted to legalise gay marriage by a resounding majority in the referendum they held on the issue.

Anyway, back to the song contest. Owner and i did not manage to get tickets for the indoor event and so instead we experienced the whole thing in the public viewing area in front of the Rathaus surrounded by a happy and enthusiastic crowd of Belgians, Austrians, Russians, Germans, Australians (who were granted a one-off entry this year). Georgians, Brits, Spaniards, French etc, etc. It really was a wonderful experience and i can't thank Owner enough for organising it for me. Her wife was in her element!

We also had a chance to explore some of the city's historic buildings and museums. It was a fantastic trip and you can see some pictures from it below:

The day before the big final
Sculpture in front of Karlskirche
The Gloriette in the grounds of Schloss Schonbrunn
The big night
The crowds in front of the big screen
Today is Owner and my 10th anniversary. Yesterday, as we do every year, we went back to the restaurant we ate in near Bond Street tube station the day we first met in person (we'd met and chatted online a month or two previously). As is now our custom, Owner chose and ordered our meal for us - a delicious pizza with salad. Here i am in the restaurant:

After eating we went shopping together and Owner bought me a wonderful new front-opening bra and also let me buy a new pair of jeans. Then we headed to one of our favourite pubs for a couple of drinks and a spot of people watching. Of course, being a bit of a tart, i couldn't resist doing a quick flash (though this is just the bra i happened to be wearing that day, not the new one)
This morning, over breakfast, we exchanged our anniversary cards and gifts. i bought Owner a jewellery box
and She bought me this beautiful Tiffany silver infinity bracelet,

it really is gorgeous.

We celebrate our main anniversary in October, which marks the moment Owner first kissed me and we went from being friends to something a lot more special. This year we will be spending that anniversary back in the eternal city, Rome. We can't wait.

Oh, and talking of jewellery. Owner also permitted me to order a nipple hugging ring a few weeks ago, It took a couple of weeks to arrive but it came in the post this week. Here you can see it in situ.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, love front-opening bras! So easy.. you look great, especially that bra flash! Luv the presents... and that nipple present. sara