Two weeks from now Owner and i head off for our two week summer holiday. This year we are heading North, specifically to the archipelago of Islands just off the tip of Scotland called the Orkney's. Neither of us have been there before and we both can't wait. The idea of two weeks spent together in relative isolation with a series of islands to explore and all of their neolithic, Viking and more modern history, together with their wildlife and lots of opportunities for walks fills us with delight. Being the aviation geek that i am i am also a little bit excited at the prospect of us taking what is the shortest scheduled flight in the world, the whole 2 minute flight (which includes taxiing) between the islands of Westray and Papa Westray.

Most importantly, however, i also hope that by the time we depart i will have been permitted to 'return to normal' and wear my feminine clothes and make-up once again with my current period of punishment completed. Hopefully, this should happen a week before we leave, though this assumes, of course, that i acquire no further punishments!

It has been a fairly quiet time for us recently. Owner has not been feeling at Her best, however, we did head out to the theatre last night to see the excellent The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night Time. We both read the book a few years ago and loved it and i am delighted to report that the play is excellent, superbly acted and staged and well worth seeing. Before the performance we went out for a pre-theatre meal. Owner again chose and ordered what we would both be eating and also chose my drink for me, a delicious lychee drink. i think it is fair to say now that we have reached the point where Owner deciding what i will be eating when we eat out has become second nature to us both and i welcome the fact that She has started to choose my drinks as well. She is my Owner and it feels quite natural that it be Her that makes these decisions, just as She does in respect to many other aspects of my life. i love being controlled and dominated by Her in every aspect of my life and thank Her for doing so.

Today we are having a lazy day at home. After making us breakfast, surfing the net and doing my regular exercises i then changed and cleaned the bedding and prepared lunch for us both. This afternoon i cleaned our aquarium and will shortly be giving Owner a facial. Hopefully i will also be able to catch-up with the cleaning that didn't get done by me last night as we went to the theatre before preparing dinner. Then later Owner has selected some TV programmes She would like us to watch together. We're often quite busy going out and about at weekends and so relaxed days at home like this are a really enjoyable change once in a while.

Hope all is well in your worlds and that your weekends are equally chilled.


Mistress Marie said...

I hope you will be released out of punishment in time for your trip. I am sure you will be a good subby wife till then! Your two week trip sounds wonderful and I hope you two have a splendid time! I cannot wait till next year when David and I are done paying off his ex and we can finally take ourselves a really nice vacation!!!

I made a post on my blog asking for some punishment ideas...if you have a chance perhaps you can comment and give me some ideas, or even ask your owner for a few too that you can comment with! I want to get a really good varied box of ready to go punishments at my disposal!

Take Care!

Happy pet said...

Mistress Marie - thank you for you comment and yes, fingers crossed, the punishment should be over soon. i will have a think about some ideas and talk to Owner about too.

Best wishes to you both and hope things start to return to normal for you soon.