Today Owner and i went for a walk in the Queen Elizabeth Park, the former 2012 Olympic Park. Owner felt it would be good to do a little challenge in the park - for me to wear my princess tiara and pink leg warmers. When we spied some exercise machines near to the site of the former Olympic stadium it seemed the perfect spot for a couple of 'Olympic princess' photos.
with my tiara and pink leg warmers
with the former Olympic stadium (soon to become home to West Ham United FC) in the background
After the photoshoot we went for a walk around the park and then found a shady spot for a picnic before heading into the neighbouring shopping centre for a bit of retail therapy. A thoroughly enjoyable day.

When we returned home Owner outlined the basic structure of the 'Housewife Academy' to me. The structure is amazing and extremely well thought through. It hasn't yet been populated with the detail, Owner is still working on that, but i am very excited. It is much more comprehensive than previous development programmes and is also infinitely flexible. i will update with the details when Owner has finalised.