Apologies for the lack of recent updates. Owner and i have had a busy few weeks with trips to Spain (to visit Owners family) and to Germany, well specifically Hamburg to see a friend of Owner's. In between we've both been busy at work and Owner is studying hard for some exams. In short, it has been a hectic month with little/no time for naughtiness - though Owner did have me complete some circuits of our local park wearing a butt plug :).

When She gets the odd free moment Owner continues to work on the Housewife Academy training programme She is developing for me but as to its likely content i remain in the dark. Owner did share with me the likely structure of the programme which is very different from the training programmes She has had me complete over the past couple of years. i will, of course, post the full details when i receive them.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of me posing in boxing gloves (as you do) which were taken during our stay in Hamburg together with some shots of the city itself - which was great. Incidentally, Owner's friend commented to Owner that she had noticed i was wearing my collar. To my knowledge she is the first person who has ever passed comment on it in the 5+ years i have been wearing it full-time. Anyway, back to the photos:
Rocky eat your heart out!
Central Hamburg
Entrance to the 'men only' street off the Reeperbahn - i didn't go in
New Metro Station
Hamburg at dusk
Beach life on the River Elbe