First a big thank you to those who commented via the blog or direct with ideas and suggestions for uniforms i could/ought to wear at home. Owner really loved some of the suggestions and they gave Her food for thought. She also sought ideas from me. Owner is still mulling some of the uniforms but She has determined what the first uniform i should wear on a regular basis is, namely my work uniform.

As many of you may know i work a lot from home, unlike Owner who has to go into an office every day. i do sometimes have to work at an office but i try to keep this to a minimum as much as i can. Owner believes my place is at home and we try to ensure i work from home as much as possible. Normally when i work from home i wear jeans and a top, actually i also often wear the same when 'in the office' - my organisation is quite relaxed. The only time i am semi-smart is when i am going to external meetings or giving presentations. Of course, at all times my attire is feminine in that all my work clothes are women's albeit i don't wear skirts/dresses at work. i also wear make-up at work and of course my collar is always on. i have never once received any comments from colleagues about this nor has my clothing, make-up or collar ever caused any adverse reaction in meetings/presentations.

However, Owner has decided that, when i work at home i am to wear a uniform. i have a number of smart blouses that very rarely get worn. i also have some smart skirts and a pair of women's suit trousers and a jacket. In addition, this weekend is my birthday - my 46th! i know i am getting some clothes store vouchers from members of my family (i always do) and Owner has chosen a smart skirt, a pair of women's business trousers and some blouses for me to buy with my vouchers. These, together with the smart items i mentioned i already have. will form my working uniform. They will be paired with a pair of ballet flats, that i also currently don't wear very often, and stockings.

i will wear my 'office uniform' at home throughout my working day, only getting changed when i head-out to go and collect Owner from the station when She returns from Her work. This may sound like my blushes will be spared and that people won't see me in my business skirt or in my plunging blouses. They will. First, i often bump into our downstairs neighbour during the day (we share a communal entrance) and second we regularly receive deliveries that need signing for and sometimes have bits of work being undertaken on the flat. All of this happens and is scheduled around when i am working from home. So in short, there will be plenty of people who will get to see me in my new business uniform and whom i will need to interact with.

Unusually, i am actually 'in the office' most of next week and so i will not be able to commence the home uniform wearing until the week after. i will post some pictures of me in my new office uniforms then.

i am really excited at this new development, though also a teensy bit nervous as well at the prospect of meeting people in my smart blouse and skirt. i can't wait to find out what uniform(s) Owner will decide She wants me to wear when my working day is done and i return to being Her housewife.