i am delighted to say that normality has finally returned for Owner and i over these past two weeks. My back has sufficiently healed itself to enable the complete resumption of my cleaning and other housework routines. Meanwhile, the blood and x-ray test results indicated that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with me other than some degeneration in discs L4 & L5 and some accompanying osteophytes (bony projections) in the same areas. In short, a continuation of the back problem i had some years ago.

The doctor did say, however, that i should avoid using any weights. Now i haven't been using weights since the end of March and i only ever used weights to try and build-up my glutes - nothing else - in an effort to grow a rounder butt. So, i guess i will just have to stick with squats and steps from now onwards.

Owner also gave me a delightful treat a couple of weeks ago. Knowing how Her taste and aromas drive me wild She rubbed my face with a pair of Her very used and aromatic knickers before clamping my nipples with clover clamps and sitting on my face whilst She brought Herself off with Her vibrator. Owner's anus was positioned invitingly in front of my lips and so i was able to taste and explore Her enticing rear entrance with my tongue as She masturbated Herself with Her vibrator. Having my tongue inside Her delicious backside like this, probing as far as i can, tasting Her, is truly one of my favourite pleasures. And this time, for the first time ever, i suddenly got a sense of what people who are into scat or shit play experience. Although nothing of the type occurred i experienced an intense desire and longing for Her to defecate into my mouth, so aroused and excited was i as i probed, lapped and licked Her anus. It didn't happen, but it was a surprisingly intoxicating thought.

Once Owner was spent She set about alternatively beating my clit and my bits with a leather paddle and applying Her vibrator to my swollen flesh. It was an intensely pleasurable experience. i adore having my bits beaten like this. Though i love to be left in a state of intense but frustrated arousal Owner prefers sometimes to make me cum 'like a slut' i.e. noisily and messily. And, cum i did, all over my chest and belly only to be fed my mess by Owner as She scooped up my semen and smeared it on my face and into my mouth. It was a lovely start to the day

Talking of clit spankings, since then we've now returned to my receiving regular such testicle spankings, albeit without cumming. When She is busy Owner likes me to spank myself using a large wooden spoon. My bits are getting used to being struck quite hard again which in turn means i get to walk around experiencing a wonderful aching throb for hours afterwards. Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea but i love it :)

Meanwhile, both of us are counting down the days until we go away on our two week holiday to Denmark. Just one month to go now and we're both looking forward to having two full weeks of no work and lots of fun. And, on the subject of holidays, Owner has instructed me to start doing some research for next year. Owner, of course, makes the decision about where we go but She likes me to present Her with fully researched options to help Her make Her choice. This weekend She is meeting friends of Hers for lunch and so i shall use the time to start researching the internet checking out prices, travel options, likely weather etc, etc. The result is a spreadsheet that i am sure would put some travel agents to shame! Owner, then uses the information provided to choose what we will do and where we will go.

This week Owner brought me  lovely little leather bound pocket writing pad and pen from Her work - it is one they give to clients as a gift. i used to keep a written diary/journal for years at Owners request in which i documented my thoughts, fantasies and aspirations. However, as we moved increasingly to documenting and recording things electronically so the tradition of my keeping a paper diary/journal died.Owner uses Trello to help organise my time and set my tasks and it is on Trello that i record the completion of my duties and record the other aspects of my life Owner likes me to set down.

But, there is something nice about putting words onto a page and so today i asked Owners permission to use the little notebook She got me to start once more to document my dark thoughts and desires. Owner granted me permission and so i now have  a little journal to write in which  She can read at any time to discover what strange thoughts go round inside my little fluffy head!

In short, and as the title of this post suggests, things are getting back to normal. And, as i think the picture below shows, i am happy to be back to 'normal'. The picture was taken by Owner just after i had returned from collecting Her from the station after She finished work and as i was about to get changed into my evening maid's outfit. i think i look happy in it and i am