Owner formally sat me down after lunch today to run through the progress (or not) i have been making in the current version of Her 'Housewife Academy' training plan for me. The good news was that, i had actually made progress in a number of areas - though my Spanish learning had been a complete failure these past few months and needs paying serious attention to. Owner also placed my high-heeled training and hula hoop training on continued hold until my back is fully recovered - i haven't been doing any of either since April.

The 'housewife academy' consists of four key areas and these are my current training and development objectives in each:

Domestic Diva
  • Paint the flat and de-clutter the walls
  • Book myself onto a flower arranging course and practice making arrangements
  • Re-organise Owners wardrobe and chest of drawers seasonally so that She always has appropriate clothing to hand
Sex Kitten
  • Wear padded bras when working from home on dress down Fridays
  • Be pussy plugged when working from home when requested by Owner
  • Have weekly canings before bedtime 
Submissive Pet
  • Owner will choose my breakfast whenever we are staying away [n.b. She already chooses all other meals for me when we are eating away from home]
  • Owner will choose what clothes/accessories i am to wear when we go out
  • i will start a 'treat' savings fund for Owner - save a set amount each month to use to get Owner nice treats [this to come out of my main account - which Owner controls access to - not my monthly allowance]  
Multi-Tasking Ninja
  • Complete another instructional/lifestyle video before Xmas
  • Become Owners PA - responsible for making all Her bookings, ordering any items She needs etc
  • Study Spanish at bedtime at least 3 times a week 
i am very grateful to Owner for my new set of development goals and instructions and look forward to continuing to learn to become a better wife and slut for Her


Anonymous said...

hon, hope your back is better soon. i really should consider hula hoop training!
Hoping the instructional vid is one you'll make for all of us! Hopefully Owner could narrate, too...hee.
Luv all Her ideas. hug, sara

Happy pet said...

Hi Sara - thanks. Unfortunately, i think the hula hoop idea might be a while off (though i love it) as i have had really bad problems with my back lately.