Yesterday Owner met some of Her ex-colleagues for lunch and a catch-up. Before leaving She selected the clothes She wanted me to wear for the day (tight t-shirt and jeans) and then She headed into town. Whilst She was out i was busy at home doing some housework and then researching for possible 2017 holiday ideas for Her consideration. My research was only preliminary - covering suggested locations and travel dates, travel time to destination, likely weather and estimated flight, accommodation, car hire costs etc. i am trying to spread my suggestions over the year as Owner criticised my previous proposals for having front-loaded ideas into the first half of the year. Owner also does not like the heat and so my suggestions need to ensure there is no risk of Her ending up somewhere She might find too hot. Anyway, i am quite pleased with my initial effort and i await Her feedback on it.

Later in the afternoon i met up with Owner and we both went shopping in Covent Garden. Owner permitted me to get something in H&M using a gift card that i have been carrying around for ages. She chose a very pretty blue and white striped t-shirt for me with a little cherry motif above one breast.
Owner took this picture of mein the t-shrt as we headed out for the day
 Afterwards, we popped into TK Max and shopped for shoes (for Owner) and sunglasses (for us both). i am often amazed by the discounts they have and ended up getting a lovely pair of red Adolfo Dominguez sunglasses reduced from £110 to £24, quite a bargain! That said, it is still 25% of my monthly allowance gone.

Talking of my allowance that seems to be going well. Regular readers may recall that earlier this year Owner took control of my finances and now i have a separate account from my main one which i transfer £100 into each month. i am no longer permitted to access my main account or use my credit card without asking for Owners permission (and the cards are kept elsewhere for safe keeping). Initially, it was stated that i was to pay for my travel to work from my new monthly 'allowance'. However, after spending £70 on travel alone in March Owner agreed to change and allow me to top-up my Oyster travel card from my main account. i am now finding it easier to manage my monthly allowance, now such travel costs have been removed, whist also saving a little each month towards getting the ankle bracelet tattoo Owner has requested i get for myself and pay for from my allowance. i think it will take me about a year time to save up this way to get it done.

This morning i was awoken by Owner gently, at first, spanking my clit and bits with Her hand before She set about more vigorously assaulting them with a leather paddle. She clamped my nipples and masturbated Herself with Her vibrator and spanked me and pleasured Herself until She came. Next, She clamped my testes, spanked then and masturbated me at the same time until i came, with Her permission, before then scooping up my mess with the paddle and feeding some to me before smearing the remainder over my face. What a terrible way to start a day! :)

Now time to do some baking.


Anonymous said...

You are so cute in that outfit She picked out for you! Ooh!
Sounds like a nice shopping trip. Congrats on your allowance! sara

Happy pet said...

Thanks sara