In what are increasingly dark and disturbing times in the world there has been one small and positive little development for me. i have now finally saved up (after a year of squirrelling away a small amount each month from my monthly allowance) just about enough money to pay for the ankle tattoo Owner told me to get. Monday this week saw me having a short consultation with the tattooist to discuss the design of the tattoo Owner wants and to book an appointment to have the work carried out.  Owner had already decided that She wanted me to get a pretty ankle bracelet tattoo on my left ankle. She has now also decided that, to highlight my femininity, She wants the ankle chain tattoo to incorporate a half moon pendant design. The moon being the symbol of the female goddess. i discussed these requirements with the tattoo artist, paid my deposit and set a date of March 13th for the work to be carried out.

This will be my 7th tattoo. Four of my current six tattoos are designs requested by Owner and which symbolise something about me and my relationship to Her (the other 2 were done before we were in a relationship). The tattoos i currently have that She chose for me are as follows:

  • a princess crown on my right ankle - also to symbolise my femininity
  • a Celtic snake on my right hip - the 'S' being the initial of Her name and the 's' of my submission to Her
  • a key on my left hip - to symbolise my state of chastity/denial
  • a cat on my left shoulder - my role as Owners sex kitten
i am really excited at the prospect of having my new tattoo and can't wait to be able to show it off this summer! i am also quite proud of the fact that i was able to save-up for it from my monthly allowance. i started saving a year ago and finally have enough to get it done. i would love one day to also be permitted to have a 'tramp stamp' done :) - tattoos are quite addictive!

This coming weekend is also when Owner is taking me on my belated birthday treat to a night in a hotel in London with a rooftop hot tub. It may be the middle of winter here but i will be packing my bikini and can't wait to pose in it above the streets amongst the buildings of this fabulous city. We plan to have lots of fun splashing about. i will, of course, share the details when we get back.

In the meantime, stay safe and sane in what are troubling times and stand up for your rights and those of your neighbours.


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Bikini shots! :) ~sara

Happy pet said...

Thanks sara, to say i was excited would be a heinous understatement :)


mk said...
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