Owner and i are both really enjoying the long Easter weekend. After going for a woodland walk on Friday yesterday saw us at the movies to watch 'The Handmaiden', a film adaptation of the book 'Fingersmith'. The film really is well worth seeing. Afterwards we went to one of our local pubs and Owner let me have some alcoholic drinks.

Today we headed west by train to a part of London little explored by either of us. Our destination was Strawberry Hill House, former home  Horace Walpole and the birthplace of the Gothic literary genre. He wrote 'The Castle of Ontranto' there, regarded as being the first Gothic novel. The house has been largely restored and is well worth a visit.

Channelling the disco spirit in Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill House

Strawberry Hill House and Grounds

On the train journey home Owner treated me to carresses of my chastised 'clitty' and repeatededly spanked my testes through the fabric of my jeans. i sat on the seat in the carriage with my legs spread wide open to afford Owner an easier target and 'enjoyed' the feeling of being left excited and aroused by Her as i watched London pass by out of the window. Needless to say it was a wonderful, albeit frustrating, journey and one i did not want to end!

Yesterday was also quite a big day in terms of Owners control over me and its further strengthening. For just over a year now i have not been permitted access to my main current account bank card without asking first asking Owner for permission to use them. Instead, we created a new account with a different bank into which i transfer a set amount each month (£100) which was to be my allowance for the month. This system worked well but it still meant that Owner had only partial control of my finances, i still maintained a separate bank account which my salary was paid into, albeit an account i needed Her permission to access.

Anyway, as of next month i will be closing that main account of mine down. Instead, my salary will be paid direct into the joint account Owner and i already have so that She can control and use the money accordingly. i will be restricted to accessing ans spending  just my 'allowance' monthly allowance, whatever She determines that to be in future, except for household purchases such as food etc which will come out of the 'joint' account. This way Owner will now have full access to, and control over, the money i earn and can completely control and monitor my expenditure. i am really pleased at the prospect of this new arrangement and of Owner exercising such a degree of financial control over me.

i should add a health warning to anyone reading this who is considering having their partner take total control of their finances. i have known Owner many years and we have complete trust in each other. I will also still have a separate account for my savings and will continue to pay into that. Neither of us would suggest entering into a financial control arrangement such as the one we are unless you are completely sure of things with your partner and have some form of independent finances you could still access if everything goes wrong between you both.