So today i had the first of my two days of training to learn how to use a sewing machine. It was an all day introduction to using a sewing machine course which Owner had found for me so that i might learn another useful skill as Her housewife. There were eight of us on the course plus the tutor, i was the only non-female.

During today's lesson we learnt how to thread and operate a sewing machine and the various different types of stitches that can be created. We were then taught how to sew a simple item, i sewed this tote bag which i am really rather pleased with. i cut out the materials and did all of the sewing myself, albeit with the help of the tutor.

Owner was impressed when i showed Her the results of my efforts when i got home.

Next weekend we move onto some more advanced skills, such as fitting zips and buttons and then we all get to make some either a pair of shorts or a skirt. Guess which i will be choosing!:) The course really was fun and i think i am starting to learn a new skill that may come in use, especially if i am permitted to invest in a sewing machine.

Talking of money, tomorrow i go to the bank to start the process of transferring my finances across so that they are under Owners control. As Owner's domination of me deepens,hopefully my skills as a Her housewife will continue to increase.