Owner and i had my review meeting yesterday, but it was no ordinary meeting. Owner booked us both into a hotel near the Tower of London we stayed at a few years ago, the Apex London City. It is a wonderful hotel and we were upgraded to a junior suite. Owner also suggested that as we were staying close to The Shard it would be fun to go there later in the evening and watch the fireworks over London, it being bonfire weekend, from Europe's tallest building.

Owner had booked the hotel so that we would discuss how She wanted to shape my future development and assess where we were with our Femdom relationship away from any distractions. As it turned out our conversation started in the hotel room and then continued downstairs in the hotel bar and later at the restaurant She had booked for dinner (a delicious Thai place on Tooley St).

We talked, drank. talked and ate and then headed up, up. up to the 72nd floor of the Shard to watch the fireworks. Here are some photos from the evening;

The Shard at night
Tower Bridge and City Hall
The view from the 72nd floor - with a  firework exploding over Alexander Palace
But what of the review outcome? i hear you ask. Well, Owner was very fair. We agreed that this past 12 months has seen my performance and drop-off but there have been a number of mitigating factors. My work has become very busy and i am less able to work from home that i was, we have both been distracted by the political uncertainty in the UK caused by Brexit and Owner has not been well. AS a consequence, neither of us has been able to focus 100%. Life has got in the way.

However, we have agreed that we need to re-focus on my development and that i especially need to perform better but that there also need to be some adjustments made to my routines to recognise that i have less  time available to me than i did. Both of us have also got into the habit of spending evening watching TV series together after dinner - something we rarely ever did in the past, we used to rarely watch TV at all. So from now on, though Owner has said She still wants to watch TV with me and 'chill out' together, in future there will be consequences for me for doing so. Every so often when i sit down with Her i will have to select a punishment at random to be completed for the pleasure of enjoying some relaxed time with Her. These punishments have all been written on cards and placed in a pot on the lounge coffee table and they range from canings, to having multiple clamps attached to my nipples and/or clitty or sitting naked with just knickers on my head on our staircase, and various others to boot.

In fact clamps, in the form of electricians clamps, put in an appearance this morning. After returning to our room after breakfast - which of course Owner chose for me, as She later did my lunch - we headed straight back to bed. Owner soon started to rub Herself against me and soon i found that my clitty and my nipples had electricians clamps attached to them and i was greedily sucking on Owners perfect breasts - my excitement fast growing. Owner then instructed me to lie on my back, She grabbed Her vibrator and then adopted Her favourite (and mine) position. Namely, She straddled my head and whilst She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator i eagerly licked and probed Her anus with my tongue. Owner rode my face this way to a number of climaxes whilst i was granted the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite taste of Her anus. Truly, if their is a food of the Gods that is it (sorry we have been watching a number of Viking series of late!).

However, it soon transpired that Owner had more pleasure in store for me. After satiating Herself on my face She then had me get onto all fours and, with my clitty and nipples still clamped, She proceeded to first fuck my 'pussy' with Her lubed fingers and then inserted a dildo and fuck me with it until i pleaded for permission to cum. It was granted and two seconds later Owner was feeding me a handful of my own mess that She had scooped up from the sheets. It was a wonderful way to start the day!

After showering we then had time to do a quick photo shoot in the hotel room before we checked out and headed off for lunch and then home. We haven't done a weekend away like this in our home city for a while and we both had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from the photo shoot to end with


Anonymous said...

i'm glad your perfomance was better..heh heh.. hope you enjoyed your mess, hon! ~sara

Anonymous said...

Everyday life is important and always takes precedent over any other as you still have to go through life's maze to varying degrees of difficulties or fun.

I always loved the double edge situation whereby you will have fun (by watching tv in this case) but you will have to choose a random punishment just for the pleasure of serving Owner.

Another idea that I always dream of is having a alter dedicated to Owner/Mistress and worship for a set amount of time each day (within reason) while having to learn passages written in relation to Owners beauty and allowing a lowly slave to serve Her.

Anyway glad you had a good chat and nice stay away from home, look forward to more from your subservient life



Happy pet said...

Thank you sara and sissysteph, really appreciate you both taking the time to leave comments and love hearing from you both. i will pass on your idea to my Owner sissysteph.



Anonymous said...

Wow, really an idea is being considered, that's amazing although i was just lost in a train of thought and envy at the the game you have to play in order to watch TV with Owner, which is a scenario that crosses my mind and libido. Maybe sometime you have to watch or just listen while being Owner's footstool although I know you have issues with your back so maybe not a good idea.

As regards to the altar and religious tones I always think giving it a name is also a key component for myself. So in this case something like Ownerism or Owner's name followed by ism or ology etc etc.

Another scenario I have floating through my mind is a ongoing lesson in Femdom, FLR and aspects of feminism whereby I have to hand in a thesis after a prolonged period of study or reports at regular intervals about specific subjects or the overall umbrella of D/S Female to male. I have a number of books already and am studying them as well as researching on the web and listening to podcasts and watching advice videos on YouTube etc.

Not advising you take this up but I would like to say this is my favourite blog on the net as it blends everyday life with aspects of a FLR and you have an amazing relationship with a Goddess.

PS- i have just purchased your books from amazon to show my gratitude

yours lovingly and admiringly


Happy pet said...

Thank you sissysteph for quite possibly one of the sweetest and nicest comments anyone has ever left. i was really touched and showed it to Owner who appreciated it too. We are both really happy that you like the blog, i am never really sure what people think of it so it is always great to get some feedback.

i was actually thinking at some point in the future of posing the question of readers about what they like, don't like and any things i could cover that folks might find of interest.

It is also very kind of you to have bought the short stories. There is a much longer story which i will be publishing shortly and i also hope to do some more shorter stories. i know i am not the worlds greatest writer but i enjoy doing them when i have the time. You will also be pleased to know that any money i receive from sales goes direct to Owner.

Thank you again for such a lovely comment - my cheque is in the post :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comment from yourself and especially Owner.

Interesting you are considering opening it up to suggestions although in some respects it would seem you and Owner have found your niche but relationships have to be fluid and things change or are tweaked over time. I would like to say i like how Owner's mind works in regards to this FLR and what Owner expects of you as Her slave.

Would be interesting what others might like or suggest and i have some thoughts but don't want to be presumptuous to just suggest like previously. In the end people in FD/FLR/ and D/s have their own wants and needs that probably differ from others with the BDSM spectrum.

One thing that intrigues me is what is/will happen in the housewife academy?




Happy pet said...

Hi Sissysteph,

It was not that Owner is seeking suggestions for how She expect me to submit to Her or behave rather just to see if there were things that readers might be interested to know more about, things that bore them to death etc i.e. suggestions specific to the blog that was all.

The Housewide Academy is very much still live and that won't change, although its contents do periodically. Owner actually recently re-visited it and i need to post an update about it.


p.s. glad you like it and thanks as ever for your comments, they are always appreciated