Owner and i spent a fantastic 48 hours in Dusseldorf last weekend. It is a city we have never previously visited and it makes for a great short city break from London. There are lots of nice walks you can do and shops to browse through, oh and of course beer to drink! We stayed in a lovely hotel in a residential area just outside the city centre called the Hotel Indigo.

We have both been super stressed and tired of late and so in truth i had forgotten to bring anything with me to pose in, it has become almost a tradition that when we go away that we do a short photoshoot with yours truly dressed up/looking like a slut or whatever takes our fancy. This time all i had with me was my nightie and so we made do with that, me on the balcony outside our room looking out across the park and flats opposite in my little red nightie

We're off to Milan shortly (yippee!) on our honeymoon, the argument being that as we got married in Vegas at the end of our short US road trip we hadn't technically had a honeymoon (and Dusseldorf was my belated birthday gift to Owner). i will try to ensure i bring something more 'appropriate' to wear with me.

Speaking of  Las Vegas, we're both super impressed by how fast we got all of the official paperwork sent over to us here in the UK. We now just need to get an appointment with the Spanish embassy and have our marriage registered with them too in order to get our family book and that is all the paperwork sorted. We officially become Husband and wife in the UK and in Spain, and no i am not the husband! Before the ceremony the minister actually asked which one of us was the 'husband' and so i had the honour of saying my vows as Owners' soon to be wife and of officially becoming Her wife.


Lucianathais said...

Muchas felicidades.. Un gusto volverte a leer que disfrutes tu luna de miel tr queda lindo el rojo amiga.. Besos y abrazos

Happy pet said...

Muchas gracias Lucianathais.