After all of the excitement of my first appearance on stage (see previous post) i almost forgot that it was also time for my monthly outdoor challenge. So yesterday i rolled the outdoor challenge dice under Owners' supervision to see what challenge lay in store for me this month? The answer was quite similar to my January challenge, namely to wear shorts and trainers but this time to wear them to the bus stop near our local park rather than the park itself (as had been the case in January).

After pulling-off the nerve-wracking thrill of being on stage in a maid's outfit in front of hundred's of people i was confident that wearing shorts and trainers to the bus stop would be a comparative breeze. To make it a bit more of a challenge i selected a short summer blouse, despite this being February (the fact that i could wear it and not be too cold says all you need to know about climate change), colourful tights and a strappy bra to pair with some short black shorts and trainers.

When i arrived at the bus stop i realised that there wasn't anywhere obvious that i could place my mobile to take a picture to send to Owner to prove to Her that i had completed my challenge. In the end i leant my phone against a nearby tree (hence the - from below - angle). i was pleased with the outcome though, as was Owner. You can see what i looked like below
posing at the park bus stop in shorts and trainers
i think someone else must have quite liked my outfit too as i got tailed by a slow-moving van for part of my walk back home.

The monthly outdoor dice were not the only dice i rolled yesterday. i also rolled my weekly chores/task dice. This is a short week for both Owner and i as we head-off to Lithuania mid-week so i only have a few days to complete these other tasks. Accordingly, tonight i will be cleaning whilst naked and gagged and i might also be cooking whilst wearing weighted nipple clamps (if not tonight then definitely tomorrow night).

Then after that we're both jetting off on our travels. i am really looking forward to it. Sadly it does not sound like there will be much/any snow whilst we are there so my fantasy of making snow angels in my lingerie will have to wait for another day. But, i am sure we will have an amazing time.

Oh, and one last thing. Today is Owner and my actual (as in legal) wedding anniversary. i can't believe it is already two years since we tied the knot in Las Vegas. It is a day i will never forget, not just because it was a wonderful and very significant day but also because i have the date, and the fact that i became Owners' wife, tattoed around my left breast. Which means i have no excuses for ever forgetting the date of our wedding anniversary! In terms of anniversary presents, Owners gif to me was the task/challenge of appearing in public dressed as an anime maid whereas mine was much more traditional, a pretty ring for Owner.


Funny Kaaren said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your sweet wife Pet!!!!
I wish the two of you many more happy years to come!!!!
Oh....and the outfit was really just the cutest!!!!

Anonymous said...

You seem to complete any challenge your wife gives you. Have you ever considered disobeying her?

Poppet Subslut said...

Hi Kaaren - thank you and to you and your wife as well. i loved the outfit too but is a bit deprssign that it was wearable in the middle of winter!


Hi Anonymous - no, why would i do that?