Our Story

Owner and i have been together since Spring 2005 when we first met and started seeing each other, albeit initially just 'as friends'. At the time we were both going through divorces. We met at first online as we were both looking to find new friends to socialise with, romance was the last thing on our minds then! However, after about 6 months Owner seizes the initiative and kissed me passionately in public (Charing Cross station) and made it clear how She felt. i had the same feelings but was, and am, quite shy in that respect. i am so pleased She made this move. We quickly we went from being just friends to being a 'couple'.

Vanilla - FLR/FemDom
At first we were a very vanilla couple but i plucked up the courage to put down in writing my submissive feelings and desire to both live with and be dominated by Her and for Her to become my Owner. i had harboured such submissive tendencies throughout my life but Owner was the first person i had ever opened up to about and been honest with. Maybe it was the fact that by then i was in my 30s together with the fact that i really wanted a relationship with this amazing woman but new i had to be honest with Her. To my delight Owner accepted both my offer to move in with me and also agreed to take me as Her submissive partner. We moved in together in 2007.

24/7 FemDom/FLR 
During the subsequent years we have tried and incorporated various aspects of both BDSM and FemDom into our relationship. Neither of us had any real experience of or understanding about the path we were setting off down and it is true to say that we tried and tested a number of different approaches to developing a 24/7 relationship. We have never tried to just 'play' - for us this is something that is part of who we are as a couple every minute of everyday. We both read books on the subject and followed the online experiences of others to help inform and shape our own path and development as submissive and Dominant. Ultimately, we found an approach for developing a 24/7 Femdom relationship that seems to work well for us. Ours is a story of continual evolution and progression and of the slow but incremental increase in Owners dominance over me and of my submission to Her.

My Transvestite Self
During this process it also became obvious that i was a transvestite. This was something of a surprise to us both. Yes, there were always feelings that i had harboured and sometimes acted on in secret in the past but i had kept them pretty buried and internalised - even to myself. However, Owner began a process of 'forced feminisation' of me quite early into our development and this tapped straight into a deep-seated vein of femininity in me. Over the period of our relationship i have gone from feeling initial terror at having to wear make-up in public to now always wearing make-up. 95% of my clothes are now 'femme'. Owner has been fantastic and accepting of my emergence as a gurly boy and though She still refers to me as 'He' She also accepted me as Her wife and has been happy to support, encourage and exploit my femininity.

Collar, Chastity and Denial
i am openly collared and wear my collar at all times and on any occasion (except going through airport security), including at work, with family etc. In addition o my collar i am also proudly inked with designs of Owners choosing (plus 2 old ones of mine). One of the tattoos i have on my buttock cheek is that of a key. This symbolises Owners role as key holder and of my being in chastity. i first suggested being kept in chastity quite early into our relationship. i am not always kept locked up but i am more often locked than not. Since submitting to Owner it has been quite clear that (whether in chastity at the time or not) my role sexually is that of bringing Owner pleasure, that is all. We do not have penetrative 'sex' unless She is fucking me. i only get to penetrate Owner with my tongue. Personally i love this arrangement. i derive the greatest pleasure from helping Owner experience pleasure. i adore licking Her anus. Owner does sometimes permit me to orgasm under Her supervision. This blog always documents when my last orgasm occurred.

Slut and Whore
i am an exhibitionist and Owner has been helping me to grow and develop as Her consummate slut and whore in private and in public. This has been a constant facet of our relationship and one that She continues to push me to get better at. It is also something that i greatly enjoy and what inhibitions i had (yes i did and still do have some!) are gradually eroding.

Our Journey and Friendship
We both feel we are on a journey (and one which may never reach an actual end point) which we have had great fun undertaking together and which has greatly enriched our lives and long may it continue to do so. We are both each others best friend.

Owners Wife
In 2013 Owner granted me the honour of taking me as Her wife in a non-legal ceremony and is helping me to develop into Her ideal housewife.  Owner devised a training programme which She calls (for no particular reason) Her Plin, Plan, Plon. This is a multi-layered training programme. Only when i have successfully completed and proven i can implement one phase of the Plan (and assessed by Owner as having so passed) am in then permitted to move onto the next phase. As i write this (November 2014) i am about to start Phase 4. The Plan has no end point as such, is just a gradual and continuing ratcheting up of Owners control over me, my submission to Her, my development into a more useful and productive wife and an utter slut.

In February 2018 Owner and i were legally married in Las Vegas. i got to wear a dress for the ceremony, which was conducted under the 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign and in the service i was referred to by the minister as being the 'wife' of Owner. On the day Owner wore a suit whilst i wore a dress and heels. It was a day i will never forget and the happiest of my life.

The Future
We both look forward to continue growing old together. We are each others best friends and are as happy now (happier even) as we were when we both met. We hope to keep having fun on our journey together.