i am extremely lucky in that i have a wonderfully creative Owner who believes that my training and development as Her submissive should be fun for both of us. One example of this is a forthcoming challenge She has set for me this weekend called 'Plan 9 For Spoilt Pets'. Based on the classic sci-fi film 'Plan 9 From Outer Space', Owner has set me a challenge of first applying for a role and then auditioning for a part in Her own version of the film. This week i had to prepare my CV and a covering letter for Her to consider and then on Sunday, having been accepted for audition, comes the big moment itself. Owner has set me a series of challenges.

The first consists of dressing as a 'Zombie Slut' and then as a 'Slut Vampire Victim'. Owner expects me to demonstrate my acting abilities and will be photographing me in my roles.

Secondly, i have to practice my facial expressions ranging from happiness, sadness, pain and sluttiness.

Third, i have to deliver a series of lines and speeches to Her satisfaction - all adapted from the original screenplay.

Fourth, i am then to demonstrate my ability to endure punishment and torture to Her
satisfaction using implements such as Her favourite spanking paddle, tower of pain
nipple device and lots and lots of mini metal clothes pegs.

These challenges that Owner sets me as part of my training are always great fun and provide me with something to concentrate my efforts on in preparation for over the preceeding week. In the past there have been a range of other such challenges, generally all themed, in which i have been expected to demonstrate my sluttiness, creativity and ability to endure punishment and discipline to Her satisfaction. i really can't wait and am terribly excited about the event. i will see if i am allowed to post some pictures from the event afterwards.

Outside of the 'Plan 9' event my own re-training as Owners submissive is progressing steadily. i'm really pleased that i am now once again back into the routine of doing all of the household chores and duties i had been neglecting in the period leading upto my disastrous contract review at the beginning of September. Owner has even been receiving nightly foot massages for the past month, something that i am greatly enjoying giving, especially as i am allowed to orally clean and worship Her feet beforehand. So so far so good, though i still keep receiving punishments somehow!

This weekend is also our 3rd anniversary. Owner an i first became lovers, having known each other as friends for about 6 months, when Owner kissed me at Charing Cross station in London (though we started out vanilla the signs of future FLR where there from the beginning) . Since then, we have returned every year at least once to the hotel above the station (which is very grand) and booked ourselves into one of their executive suites for the night. It is a lovely thing to do every year to mark significant moments in our lives together (of which there have been many).

i really am blessed to be able to share my life with such a wonderful woman and Owner and i can't imagine anything better than spending the rest of my life with Her. To be able to submit and to be accepted into training by such a wonderful woman is the icing on the cake. The best thing about it too is that we both love and our developing into our respective roles. Owner is becoming ever more assertive and demanding of what She expects from Her trainee pet and i in turn am experiencing the joy that is to be able to submit with heart and body to the one i love. As we develop as a couple so too does our Female-led relationship and we are both loving and learning from the journey.