Owner has been having a lot of fun with Her trainee pet lately, indeed so much fun that he feels as if he is in a state of almost permanent arousal, which is a wonderfully frustrating state to be in! The reason for my current heightened state of arousal is two-fold;

1) Owner has recently taken to slapping and spanking my testicles on a regular basis. It is a strange sensation to have your testicles regularly and repeatedly struck, although the first blows are invariably uncomfortable and your body naturally tries to move away from the source of the sensation/discomfort by about blow number 5 something strange and altogether unexpected begins to happen. You (or at least i) begin to move your hips forward and spread your legs wider so that your testicles are even easier to access. By the time Owner has finished this little slut is driven wild with desire, moaning loadly with hips thrust forward, legs spread far apart and dangerously close to orgasm (something he knows he is not allowed to do) and all from just being struck repeatedly in the testicles.

2) Owner recently purchased a new toy as a gift for Her trainee pet to help train his pussy and keep it nicely stretched for Her. The gift in question is a wonderful Baroque solid metal butt plug from the lovely people at tickleberry

The plug is really quite heavy and large and is an excellent means for Owner to get Her trainee pet purring. The plug combined with the testicle spanking drive this little slut wild, and last night Owner combined the two sensations with the added sensation of clamping my nipples with clover clamps, having me grip the chain in my teeth and then pulling my head right back so that the chain on the clamps was pulled extremely tight. Just to make sure Owner then grabbed my nipple rings and began twisting and pulling them hard in between spanking my testicles.

All of the above was a part of a punishment which had also seen me released temporarily from chastity and made to masturbate with an exfoliating mitten. As Owner spanked and twisted Her trainee pet was commanded to masturbate for Her amusement until on the edge of orgasm and then stop before being ordered to commence again. With each passing minute my moans were getting louder and louder. This continued for some time as Owner judged how close She could get me to orgasm without actually granting me permission. It was amazingly intense and i was so frustratingly aroused i feared that even the merest extra twist of a nipple could lead to unfortunate consequences!

i was wearing a pair of crotchless 'stocking-style' tights and Owner then proceeded to employ them to great affect as a 'holster' for her vibrator. She slid the vibrator between my buttocks and the waist of the stockings and then effectively rode me for Her pleasure. Needless to say this left me in an even more frenzied state of arousal at which point i was instructed to return once again to chastity.

i truly adore being left in this state, it can last for days on end with me hopelessly, uncomfortably and frustratingly aroused. In fact, Owner often likes to use me as a 'prop' for Her own pleasure and it truly is wonderful to be able to serve Her and please Her in this way.

i am an extremely lucky trainee pet and want nothing more than to be able to continue to serve my Owner and be trained by Her.


Susan's Pet said...

You are truly perverted.

But in a good way. I love it!