This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of when Owner and i first met. After initially meeting-up in cyberspace, at a time when we were both going through divorces, we met in person at Bond Street tube station before going for a coffee and then an Italian. We will be going back to that same restaurant again this weekend, as we do every year.

It would be another five months before what started as 'just friends' became 'friends and lovers' and a little longer still before Owner accepted my invitation to move in with me. At the time i wrote Owner a letter outlining my desire to submit to Her and to become Her submissive partner. For me this was the first time i had ever been able to openly confess what had been, until that point of my life, a hidden and buried aspect of my character. That i felt able and confident enough to write that letter speaks volumes for what a truly wonderful and remarkable woman Owner is even though this was uncharted territory for Her too.

But going back to our first meeting, little did i know that the person i was waiting to meet at the tube station would have such a wonderful, profound and enriching impact upon my life. The past five years have been like starting life all over again. i can truly say that they have been the best and most wonderful years of my life. Yes, we've had our occasional moments, as all couples do, and no i've not always been the perfect submissive partner we've both striven for. But what we have had is fun, hilarity, excitement and a shared sense of pure joy and adventure i never thought i would ever get to experience.

In that same time i have also changed and developed (for the better) under Owners expert guidance and tuition and Her Dominant side has grown and flourished. They truly have been the best years of my life and i look forward to a lifetime of continuing on our journey together. And thank you Owner for the wonderful book you bought me yesterday Miss Vera's Cross-Dress For Success: A Resource Guide for Boys Who Want to be Girls i promise to remain your Poppet forever.

This song is for you;


iggy said...

I'm so happy for the both of you. From someone who nearly moved to another city just to better my chances of finding someone with similar "interests," your chance reunion, tentative coming out, and journey together confirms my belief in fate.

I wish you both the best, and thank you for sharing your relationship with us all.


Happy pet said...

Hi Iggy,

Mamy thanks.


Mistress160 said...

I love the fact that while we are on different sides of the planet we always know you'll be out celebrating your anniversary at the same time we'll be celebrating sol's birthday!

Love from us both :)

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

Many thanks for your lovely comment and i hope that you and Sol had a wonderful time celebrating Sol's birthday...those birches look good ;0)

Love as always from both of us.