The past couple of weeks have witnessed remarkable change, protest and state violence across swathes of North Africa and the Middle East which has had me totally transfixed. The temptation to log-on to find out what the latest drama is rather than do some much needed housework has all too often been too great and, as a consequence, i have not been as good a pet at times as i could be. Owner has been remarkably tolerant of this, knowing that i am quite a political pet. However, i know that it is not good and something i need to try and moderate and control to ensure it does not have too great an impact upon my own duties and service.

We have also had a succession of family guests staying the past couple of weekends which has meant hiding lots of toys etc away and limited opportunities for me to dress-up whilst they are here, though if they could see what i am wearing underneath my 'regular' clothes they might be surprised! That said, however, Owner and i have had the week days to ourselves and Owner has been continuing Her regular caning and nipple torture training and the other day combined these wonderfully after work before fucking Her slut hard. Owner now likes to have me prepare myself for Her by getting me to fuck my own pussy with my fingers and hand whilst She watches. She greatly enjoys watching me show Her what a complete whore i am before using and treating me as one Herself. She also recently had me perform another public challenge, this time getting me to walk around our local pub with my nipples clamped and rubbing my titties through my blouse as i walked around the bar area. It was delightfully humiliating! i now find that i have reached the point where i will happily undertake such challenges without worrying anymore about others reaction to what i am doing so i guess i must be learning how to obey without hesitation.

It has also now been well over a month that i've been kept in denial and gone without orgasm, again this is somthing of a new record and one that i am pleased about. Owner regularly swaps between chatity devices keeping me in the spiked metal device at weekends or during canings and delighting in having me masturbate my clitty until it is painfully hard, with the metal spikes digging deep into vulnerable flesh, and then swapping back to the CB3000 at night and on weekdays.

Owner now also regularly buys me or gives me make-up to try or test. i never imagined in my wildest dreams that i would find such a wonderful partner and Owner as Her who delights in having Her partner femmed and pretty. i feel and am so lucky! How long ago it seems now when i took my first horrified and humiliating trip outside wearing a touch of make-up or wearing a feminine top. Apart from at work (and even then 80% of the clothing i wear is feminine or androgynous) or when seeing family i am never out of make-up and dressed-up whether at home or out and about. It now feels the most natural and normal thing in the world and i love it. And Owner has truly discovered and released the inner slut/whore inside me. In short, life is wonderful...but i need to get better at avoiding distractions!