What a great day it has been today. Owner and i headed down to our local pub for what is probably the last time before we move house. It was so sad, it's not a place we have frequented that often but we could have spent hours in there. As it was Owner and i spent a happy time together;

No sooner had we settled down than it was time for me to complete my public pussy playing challenge

i confess that there is nothing that i like more than playing with my pussy in public!

Meanwhile, Owner has decided that She would like me to have a new tattoo. Of course, i am really excited at the prospect. Owner has suggested a cat with a bow (to represent my fluffy 'qualities' - if you can call it  that). i think it is a wonderful suggestion and i am really happy. One of the ideas for the tattoo is as follows;

What do you think? We're still trying to decide as to whether this should go above my breast or on my calf - any thoughts??

Tomorrow we are carrying on packing and i need to complete my final challenge - wearing my nipple clamps with weights for an hour. Should be fun


Just Sissy said...

nice cat... will look great on you.

Happy pet said...

Thanks Just Sissy, can't wait to get it done.