Just over a week ago Owner and i finally moved out of our old North London flat and into our new South London one. The new flat has a couple of lofts, one of which is huge, and which offers all sorts of 'interesting' possibilities. We really love our new place and have started to plan to get some fitted furniture for our bedroom - partly to have a place to store our toys! It is also right next door to a lovely park that offers both fantastic vistas over London as well as lots of interesting photoshoot/challenge opportunities. We just can't wait until we've finished doing some of the minor refurbishments planned for our new place and i can become the housewife/whore Owner desires.

More significantly, yesterday was also Owner and my 7th Anniversary. It really has been a wonderful journey that we have shared together and which we continue to explore, evolving and developing together whilst having great fun along the way. Ours is not the stereotypical Femdom relationship and neither of us feel we conform to any particular or archetypal Domme/sub role. Instead, we have charted a course that works for us and which has continued to see us both evolve together as a couple who are even more deeply in love with each other now than we were all those years ago, and who have changed and evolved over that time and will continue to do so and who can still think of nothing we'd rather be doing that having fun together. Owners Anniversary gift to me is going to be a kitten tattoo on my right shoulder, i'll post a picture when it is done, hopefully within the week. Meanwhile, here's me amidst the chaos of the boxes at out old flat just before we moved;


susanrhodes said...

I was just thinking of you this afternoon!

hope the move went well and the removal men didn't drop anything (especially the box with all of your toys in it!! lol)

Hope you settle in well

susan xx

Tamara said...


I wish you many happy returns - and a lot of fun in your new flat!

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Tamara and Susan Rhodes. We're now just looking forward to getting everything organised and sorted out so that we can resume our 'normal' routines and activities.


susanrhodes said...

Thanks for the comment, everything is fine at the moment.
glad to hear you are settling in.