Owner and i have had a penis gag for a while now but it has never really been used, it always seems to sit forgotten and forlorn in the toy box. Always that is until today. Today it received a new lease of life. In our kitchen there is a very pretty decorative hook next to the kitchen sink that we have never really known what to do with. It was unused for weeks and then recently had a t-towel hanging from it but that didn't seem right, the towel was in the wrong location. However, today inspiration struck.

The dildo gag has been moved to this self same hook next to the kitchen sink together with one of Owners paddles  (see below)

At Owners instruction a new house rule is now in force with immediate effect, namely that whenever i wash-up and dry the dishes i must do so with my mouth gagged with dildo gag and my panties lowered and skirt raised/lowered with my derrier exposed and available should Owner wish to administer a spanking. Thus it was that earlier this evening just as i was finishing off drying the dishes Owner bent me over the sink to administer a firm spanking with paddle on my bottom and also spanking my chastised clitty - striking repeatedly across my tight trapped testicles - whilst all i could do was moan in appreciation as my mouth slowly filled with saliva.

We both love our new kitchen sink drama :)


Anonymous said...

What a clever idea. Yesterday Jay was doing work around his rental apartment getting it ready for his new tennant so I took that chance to have him mount a didlo on the hallway wall where he must have passed it a hundred times. Each time he did he had to stop and suck it like a slut, gagging himself. I also made him wear a mini skirt and tank top and super high heels while shampooing the carpets there. He felt like such a slut all day and it really showed when I edged him last night. Your owner sounds a lot like me, creative and evil :). Always a good combo for sluts.