Yesterday Owner had instructed me to prepare Her equipment for Her to give me a caning when She returned from home. i duly set out the lounge as She likes and then carried on with my day. On returning Owner settled down and then instructed me to prepare myself for a caning. i removed my collar and cuffs, stripped out of my blouse and skirt, removed my panties and then re-attached the collar and re-secured the cuffs back around my wrists. i then positioned myself kneeling on the sofa with my legs parted. 

However, Owner had a wonderful surprise in store. At first She came over and began to caress and tease my nipples and run her fingers across my backside and down between my legs, teasing my pussy and chastised clitty. Then She instructed me to follow Her into the bedroom and lie face down on the bed. Owner disappeared again for a few minutes before returning and stripping off and climbing under the covers and instructing me to join Her. i slid under the duvet naked bar my Jailbird encased clitty and the leather collar around my neck and connected cuffs around my wrists. Owner turned me so that She was spooning me and as She did She continued to play with and tease my nipples and locked clitty, causing the latter to swell and throb within its metal cage.

Owner whispered in my ear 'would my slut like to be gagged or to lick my arse?' i eagerly replied that i would love to lick Owners arse. Before doing so Owner instructed me to lick and suck Her wonderful breasts whilst She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator. Then She rolled over and presented Her derriere to me whilst continuing to apply Her vibrator to Her pussy. My tongue was soon licking and flicking around and then inside Owners sweet backside. Owner clamped Herself around my face as my tongue and Her vibrator did their jobs and brought Her to happy climax. i, although left frustratingly aroused, was happy to have helped bring Owner some well earned pleasure.

It has now been over a month and a half since i was allowed to come and i really do think such denial is helping to focus me more. Owner continues to express Her pleasure at my progress in developing as Her ideal slut and future wife and i am pleased to report that in Her recent audit of my cleaning work She recognised that i had improved, albeit with room for more improvement still.

i really and truly am lucky to have an Owner whom i can serve and worship and who loves to treat me as Her personal sex toy. Meanwhile, i am continuing to develop and evolve as a more productive and practical slut for Her. Ours truly is a happy home.