i am really pleased to report that just over one month in to my new training and development plan and i have been making some steady progress. Owner has even complimented me on how i have developed. As previously mentioned Owner set out a plan that i have to regularly update my progress against. The plan sits as a document on Skydrive meaning that it is always 'live' and can always be accessed and updated by Owner and myself. When i have demonstrated that i have fully adopted and implemented all components of the plan over a 3-4 month period the plan be updated and new elements added for me to then deliver against and so forth.

Anyway, one month in and so far, so good. i have been studying Spanish 3-4 times a week and my ability has improved. Infact, on our last trip to Spain to see Owner family just over a week ago they complimented me on how my Spanish had improved. i was quite thrilled and have even had a few dreams in Spanish of late. For someone who has been a lifelong failure when it comes to foreign languages i am really pleased how i am slowly progressing.

In addition to Spanish i have also been researching and trying out a whole new series of recipes so that Owner is now regularly offered new and healthy meal options. i set up a pininterest account so that i can quickly and easily tag recipes and then share them with Owner for Her approval. i have also been trying to do other bits of research for Owner in order to provide Her with options for things we can do/places to go etc or other things that i think may be of interest to Her. i am learning to be more proactive and get better at anticipating some of Owners needs and desires and try to be a more useful and practical future wife for Her in addition to being Her slut and whore. Last, although we have always professed to be in a Female-led relationship it was one in which there were aspects of my and our life in which i was continuing to display and behave significant amounts of autonomy and independence. This too is now changing with Owner expecting to always be fully consulted (where practically feasible) and Her agreement obtained to any significant course of action or financial expenditure on my part and also expecting me to only act with Her permission in other aspects of life e.g. if allowed an alcoholic drink when we go out.

Owner too has been encouraging my further training and development in other ways. She has initiated a system of audits/spot checks to ensure that in addition to maintaining my daily cleaning routine i ensure that all aspects of Her home are kept clean and tidy and to Her liking. Owner is also becoming much less reticent at pointing out any shortcomings or deficiencies on my part so that i am encouraged to continuously up my game and improve my domestic performance.

i have to say that i am really enjoying Owners heightened interest and exertion of control over me as She looks to further my development and training into a wife She can be truly proud of. i confess that at times in the past i have been far too 'fluffy' and, whilst always eager to develop my slutty side have not always shown the same attitude and eagerness to progress when it has come to furthering my domestic and service-related development. If this past month is anything to go by, and i accept that it is still too early to judge, then i think we may have passed a further milestone in my development into the wife Owner desires, namely both a slut but also a practical and fully trained keeper of Her home.

i know that i am lucky to have such a caring and conscientious Owner and i am truly grateful to Her for continuing to guide and develop me so expertly.


bob said...

Wow you really are working hard to please your owner. You will be a wife to be proud of.
I have recently given up control of my money paying it all into my mistress"s bank account after paying all our bills and that was hard at first but i enjoy it now feeling the extra control she has over me. I too have been learning cookery for Mistress but only her favourite food British Indian Currys which i have now just about perfected i am happy to say after a few years trying.
I must thankyou for your post about the Shard you posted on here some months ago it inspired Mistress and i to have a long weekend in London visitng our favourite dungeon and a trip up the shard well worth it .

Mistress Marie said...

This is wonderful. Don't you just love to have new ways to be under her control and be able to please her even more? I am excited for you two.

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Bob. Giving up control of your money is a major step and i can imagine how hard it must have been. i have mentioned to Owner the idea of my just having a weekly allowance with the rest of my salary under Her control but so far it has just remained an idea. Interestingly, i know of a few older 'vanilla' couples who think nothing of the wife having total control of their husbands/family finances. Delighted you liked the Shard and suspect i know the Dungeon you are referring to. Been a long time since Owner and i last went but it was delightful.

Thank you Mistress Marie and i am excited too.