Owner has just sent me through the next stage of my development plan - Her 'Plin, Plan, Plon' Phase II. This second stage runs from the 25th November until the 2nd March 2014 and is to be undertaken whilst also continuing with the learning and development activities that were set out in the original Phase I of the Plan. As per last time, only if i successfully complete all elements of this second phase to Owners satisfaction AND continue to maintain my continued delivery of the activities identified under will a potential third stage of the Plan be initiated.

Anyway, so what does Phase 2 of Owners development plan contain? Well, it is divided into 4 core areas namely:
  1. Housework
  2. Study
  3. Physical/Slut Training
  4. General Behaviour
The detail within each core area is as per below.

Repair/replace any damaged or worn or broken items - weekly audit to be undertaken
Organise any and all repairs/replacement that are needed in the flat
Audit all food items in the kitchen cupboards and fridge at least monthly and check expiry dates and remove/replace as required
Test at least one new recipe every 2 weeks and add to your existing recipe database
Every day present Owner with a minimum of two evening meal options for Her to choose from
Undertake an ongoing review of all the items we have in storage in the loft and itemise/recycle as appropriate in consultation with Owner
Undertake an ongoing review of all of our CDs and classify as appropriate in consultation with Owner and maintain
Undertake an ongoing review of all of the stuff we have in the bathroom and organise as appropriate in consultation with Owner and maintain

Continue with current Spanish lessons until the course is completed
Study and read the BBC's Mundo (Spanish language news) website 3 times a week and make a record of what you have learnt each time
Prepare all of your shopping lists in Spanish
Send Owner at least one text message a day that is written entirely in Spanish
Buy a manicure training book (examples provided by Owner) and start offering Owner manicures as an ongoing learning project

Physical/Slut Training 
Once a week do the cooking naked
Once a week do the housework that day wearing nipple clamps/mini pegs
Once every 2 weeks create a 2 minute porn clip and create a gallery of porn clips you have made
Once a week you will be spanked on your bum/clitty whilst you are washing up - request this from Owner
Twice a month you will be expected to complete an outdoor challenge. Consult with Owner over what, when and where.
Once a week take a naughty picture of yourself and create a naughty picture gallery

General Behaviour
Organise more regular chilled out times/evening with Owner (listening to music together, offering Owner beauty sessions etc)
Make better use of your free time by studying
Research and undertake new exercise routines as - an ongoing project
Discuss your additional work annual leave with Owner (i get more days off a year from work than Owner does) so that She can allocate activities that She wants you to undertake on these extra days
Consult with Owner about any activities/trips etc that potentially involve you and seek Her prior approval

Owner sat me down and ran through all of the above requirements to make sure hat i fully understood them and even provided me with a spreadsheet in which i am to record all of my 'evidence' for having completed the tasks/activities required. This is a snapshot of the front page of the spreadsheet Owner provided
 i am to provide Owner with a copy of the spreadsheet once a week for Her to review my progress.

As you can see, Owner has given a lot of thought to the next stage of my training and development as Her wife and i am honoured to be allowed to commence this training. i hope that i continue to progress and develop and that, come March next year, i am able to demonstrate sufficient progress with these phase of Her plan - whilst maintaining my progress in the earlier phase - for Her to deem me ready for Phase 3. i am very lucky indeed to have an Owner who is spending time and effort on my development and i hope to make Her proud.