A couple of months ago Owner pointed out that i had started to get fat and needed to lose weight. It was,as Al Gore might have said, ‘an uncomfortable truth’. But true it was. My weight, which had been about 9.5 stone (about 60kgs) for most of the time we’ve been together, has recently gone up to over 10 stone (63.5kg). This is still way below its peak in my early twenties when i ballooned to 13 stone (82.5kg) but, nonetheless is a warning sign that i was letting myself go. As Owners wife i should keep myself in shape and looking at my best for Her and so clearly something needed to be done.

i already do daily pilates-type stretches to keep my back mobile (anyone who has followed this blog over the years may recall that i spent two months almost totally immobile a few years back as a result of two bulging discs in my lower back). However, perhaps as a result of my no longer cycling as i did before my back problem and also now working from home a lot and having quit smoking a few years ago my weight has slowly crept back up. Owner highlighted this and the need for remedial action on my part. She also stated that She wanted me to find exercise routines that we could do together and to research accordingly.

YouTube is a wonderful resource for many things and this includes workout videos. i identified a number of video routines to show to Owner for Her to select from. A shortlist was identified which, incorporated into a weekly routine, provide a good full body workout. They are all ones that can be done at home and only require a matt and some dumb bells. i now have a schedule of exercises to be completed every weekday which incorporate the routines below.

  1. Bridal workout (10 mins)
  2. Tank top arms (10 mins)
  3. Little black dress (10 mins)
  4. Core body (20 mins)
Owner and i generally do about 20 minutes a day from the above list during the week (with a break at the weekend). All of the routines are relatively straight forward and Owner agrees that they will, and are, helping to bring my body back into shape.

In addition to these exercises though i am also keen (and have the support and encouragement of Owner) to build and shape my butt. Over the years my pussy has been trained and stretched to become more accommodating but i hope to also make my butt more attractively round, firm and fondle and fuckable for Owner. She expects me to develop and maintain my body for Her pleasure and i want to present Her with a nice, round, bubble butt to enjoy. 

Once again, YouTube provided both the inspiration and advice i sought to help me start to try and develop my butt. In particular, there is a fitness instructor and bikini model called Vicky Justiz (see picture below) whose butt and thighs i would love to have myself (the small matter of gender difference aside!).

Fitness instructor  + bikini model Vicky Justiz
Vicky (and others) has a great range of butt workout videos available on YouTube and from these i have developed the following daily butt workout routine (which i am trying to do every weekday).

  1. Bikini butt workout part 1 (10 min)
  2. Bikini butt workout part 2 (10 min)
  3. 50 x narrow leg squats

   4. 50 x wide leg squats
  5. Intense bigger butt workout (50 repetitions of each move shown in this short video - this is the final part of my daily fitness routine and the video features a different instructor - Diana Levy.

Its early days but i am hoping that if i keep doing these, and maybe add in some extra weights as well over time, then i can start to develop a nice bubble butt for Owner to enjoy. Hopefully these butt exercises combined with the other exercises i am now doing will help me to both lose some weight as well as to firm, tone and shape my body in a way that Owner finds satisfying and pleasing. 


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can share a before and after picture set? Michael

Happy pet said...

Hi Michael - thanks for the suggestion. i only commenced this routine a couple of weeks back but yes, once i am a few months into it i will happily ask Owner if i may do a before and after if that is of interest?

Thanks for commenting.


susanrhodes said...

when i first saw the photo of vicky, i had not read all of the blog, or the title of the photo. I went green with envy and said why does she need to work out more if she looks that good, i wished i looked like that. then i caught up with the story.....

however, you are slim, sexy and working your way towards that delicious girly figure that i know you will achieve.

however i do hope you are wearing some suitable work out clothes.....

Happy pet said...

Ha, ha and thanks Susan. Vicky does have a wonderful derriere and pone that i would love to have myself, but sadly i don't - though i am working on it! Lol.

As for work out clothes - it's safe to say i think i'd get expelled from a gymn.


bob said...

These look like good workouts for a fit butt . I have just started swimming again after 3 years this I found is toning me up nicely .
Sorry I haven't kept you up to date about my purchase of a queens keep a close family member was very ill and died so things had to go on hold for a while. Getting back to normal now thou mistress has instructed me to make the purchase within the next month :-)

Happy pet said...

Thanks bob, i used to swim quite a bit as a kid but hated the chlorine (and still do) and have never really returned to it, other than to swim in the sea very occasionally.

Really sorry to hear of your loss, but look forward to hearing how things develop now life is returning to normal.