The other day fellow bloggers Mistress Marie and her slave David requested that i update when Owner had decided what punishments were due to me for my unacceptable behaviour and actions last weekend. Yesterday Owner graciously presented me with my list of punishments just as we were settling down to watch my annual dose of Eurovision delight (well done to the excellent Conchita).

First, Owner has made it very clear that any repetition whatsoever on my part of my failures of the past weekend will see my current wife development phase extended for a further 4 months before i have any chance of progressing onto the next stage of my development. More specifically, for each of my offences Owner has determined the following;

1 - Leaving expired food in fridge and allowing bread to go mouldy - our next big supermarket shop is to be paid for entirely by me. Furthermore to study this article in the Organised Housewife and develop a more organised way of storing and keeping food and present Owner with a proposal for a 'more organised kitchen'

2 - Not emptying bins before leaving for the weekend - to empty bins outside each day wearing no shoes - just in bare feet with painted nails (ours is a communal building)

3 - Having an alcoholic drink without permission - no alcohol permitted until we go on our next holiday

4 - Buying a picture (thus spending money) without consulting Owner or seeking Her permission - i am to sell some of my possessions on e-bay to offset the expenditure

5 - Not texting Owner to check She approved of the clothes i proposed wearing one of the days we were apart (i always normally check daily with Her what i can wear) - to wear the same clothes every day next week

i am extremely grateful to Owner for these punishments and, all things considered, i think She has again shown what a kind and considerate Owner She is by taking time to devise such punishments. i know i am lucky that the consequences were not more sever on this occasion.

i also mentioned a few weeks go that Owner had sent me the link to an excellent blog about a Canadian lady who attempted to live her life with her partner as a 1950s Housewife. The blog is a very interesting (and funny) read. Owner instructed me to suggest ideas to write 1750 words for Her about to how i too could become more of a 1950s style housewife for Her. i duly drafted my thoughts and Owner has identified an initial set of my suggestions that i am now to enact and incorporate into my life with Her. These additional activities are as follows;

1 - Create a More Comfortable and Beautiful Home

  • Wife to undertake an inventory of the contents of every room (including the loft) for Owner to indicate if to stay or go. Wife to make necessary arrangements and research potential replacements if needed.
  • All storage space and furniture to be efficiently, neatly and well organised and kept that way at all times.
2 - Always Prepare Nutritious and Tasty Meals

  • Wife to prepare ‘batches’ of soups, stews, breads etc and to freeze to ensure there is a constant supply of home-made meals. 
  • Only low-fat meals are to be made. Wife to learn how to calculate the rough calorific value of foods and to keep her daily calorie intake within parameters agreed with Owner
3 - Economise Household Income

  • Wife to develop, practice and attain an adequate standard in clothes and accessory making skills to enable Her to start making items for Her or Owner or for others as directed by Owner.  
  • Wife to cut-out, collect and use any vouchers and to purchase regular household items in bulk when they on special offer at supermarket etc.
4 - Put Effort Into Appearance
  • Wife to shave her body every two days and moisturise daily 
  • Wife to attend hairdressers every two months and ensure hair is kept tidy and neat
5 - Provide a Supporting and Relaxing Home for Owner to Succeed
  • When at home complete cleaning duties during day to create more time to spend in Owners company in evening
  • Unless researching on behalf of Owner wife is not permitted to use the internet after Owner returns home from work on a week day or during afternoon/evenings at weekends. Time to be spent instead either socialising with Owner or practising Her skills or making clothes/crafty items
Some of these changes and developments have already been implemented by me and are working well (i.e. not using my laptop after Owner returns from work or in the afternoon/evenings at weekends) whilst others will take a while to be developed and implemented i.e. the clothes making skills. However, we are both certain that they will help to further my development as Owners perfect (1950s) wife.

[Edited 12th May as when page originally published 11th May it there was an error on the page  which prevented previous blog entries from displaying, original page deleted then re-published as above]


Mistress Marie said...

Thanks for sharing. I think she was very fair and even could have been more s3vere even so you are lucky. I love how she like me doesn't punish with pain but rather with something that suits the crime.

Love the new ideas too for you being a better wife. :)

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie and i agree completely - i was very lucky.

i am really enjoying the additional wife ideas as well and hope they may get added to over time.