Owner and i have had a somewhat chaotic last few weeks as we have been having quite a few things done to our flat. We have had our loft boarded and insulated, new flooring laid throughout much of the flat, alcoves built and installed in the lounge and new furniture delivered. This meant that for much of the previous few weeks we have been living in a degree of chaos with a variety of different builders etc coming and going during the day. My role has been to try and supervise activities (i.e. make the workmen cups of tea!) and re-paint whilst also continuing my 'normal' day job from home.

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of all of this upheaval and chaos at home is that there has been a marked slip in the levels of my service and development/training this past few weeks. Owner has been very gracious and says that it has been understandable but i am, once again, disappointed in myself. i have maintained my core cleaning and cooking etc activities but have not been making the most of the time i had available to provide the level of service and attentiveness to Owner that She deserves and ought to expect. It has felt, to me, to have been a bit of a 'lost' month.

The good news, however, that with the exception of one last large item of furniture that we are still waiting to be delivered all of the works etc have been completed. The lounge now looks completely different and lovely and we also have a much more 'useable' loft space with all sorts of 'interesting' potential to be utilised as a place of punishment/torment as well as storage. One activity that i have maintained throughout though has been my exercises, specifically my butt exercises. i now workout my butt at least 3 days a week with 20kg ankle weights and Owner has given me really positive feedback as to how much more shapely and bouncy my bottom has become. i am thrilled by this and hope to eventually develop and big round bubble butt with slim waist to give me a better figure.

Amidst all of the activities to our flat we have also managed to get in a few fun activities as well. Owner has made use of my tongue in Her arse to bring Herself pleasure and has also had fun masturbating Herself against my derriere whilst i had a dildo embedded to the hilt in my pussy whilst simultaneously fellating another dildo. i also had the opportunity to wear one of my skirts out in public at the movies again. The shots below are of me waiting to go into the screening and then in the theatre itself

Hopefully now all of the works have been done i can quickly get back to normal and Owner can once again start to enjoy the level of service and attention She deserves. Owner has also expressed Her frustration at the fact that we both still have to work full time and has asked me to think of ways in which i can bring in some more money, i anyone has any great ideas i am, as they say, all ears!