Today Owner revealed to me the next phase of my development.  Entitled Plin, Plan, Plon IV this development phase will commence on the 1st December 2014 and will run through until 1st April next year. As with all previous Plans this Plan builds upon and is additional to what went before it i.e. i still need to continue to implement the contents of all the proceeding plans whilst also completing the requirements set out in this new plan. Once again, the my performance against the objectives set out in the Plan will be formally reviewed after its completion when a decision will be made as o whether or not my progress has been satisfactory and i can be considered for further development and training or not.

i am really excited about this new Plan. There are some really innovative elements to it and it also seeks to extend Owners control over me into new areas and arenas. It should also help me to become a more useful wife for Her. So, what is new and what does the Plan contain?

Perhaps the mot significant innovation is that Owner has set-up the new Plan on Trello. Previously, i have had a series of spreadsheets, word documents and other things to complete that Owner has then reviewed monthly to monitor and comment on my progress and performance. There are also a series of 'reminder' tables posted up in our kitchen that detail the duties i must complete daily, weekly etc (and which are also listed on the sidebar of this blog) and into which i record my daily task completion entries. Trello does away with the need for all of this. Trello is an on-line 'cloud-based' collaboration project and task management tool that enables all of my expected activities to be organised and set-up electronically. i can then record what i have done, add notes and comment in real-time as too can Owner. i have even downloaded it as an app onto my phone so i can update and record 'on the go'. The advantages are that Owner can now see at any time exactly what i am recording, can easily add new tasks/duties or amend existing ones. i will get these changes straight away and also have one place where i can now record everything. It should make Owners oversight and checking less onerous for Her and more straight-forward and She can also check in 'real-time' what i have or have not done. For me it offers the opportunity to organise my reporting into one place and make it more straightforward. The new Plan doesn't start until the start of next month but i shall start transitioning stuff over to Trello in the next week or two and begin using it. i will update on how it goes but we are both quite excited at the possibilities this system may open-up.

Okay, so that is all very interesting in a geeky kind of way, but what does the new Plan actually contain? What are the additional tasks/activities that i will be expected to do and be judged against? Well, Owner has organised the new phase into 5 broad categories. These are:

  • Housework
  • Study/skills
  • Physical/slut training
  • General behaviour
  • Ad-hoc
Four of these five categories have a series of specific tasks and behaviours set-out that i will be expected to deliver/undertake during this phase of my development (and forever onwards). This detail is set out below;

  • PROJECT: Review all of our photographs [all ours have been digital for years[ and get some printed for Owners photo album.
  • Buy adequate laminate flooring products and clean thoroughly once a week [we had new flooring installed and the old mop etc that i used the clean the floor doesn't do that good a job on the new floor]
  • Subscribe to a healthy eating magazine and cook at least one recipe from that magazine a week [this part of the ongoing development of my cookery skills]
  • PROJECT: Do a complete kitchen inventory and replace any old/broken kitchen utensils/pans/crockery
  • Transfer my current household cleaning and fitness/exercise rota onto Trello
  • Practise my beauty/health skills (reflexology/massage/manicure/facials) - Owner will use Trello to 'book' appointments with me at times and dates of Her choosing - at least 8 times per month
  • Create at least 3 jewellery items a month
  • Subscribe to a Spanish audio magazine
  • Complete 1 embroidery and 1 knitting project during this phase of the Plan
  • Keep practising my erotic-short story and other writing skills in order to produce higher quality short-stories and start to write lifestyle guides
Physical/Slut Training
  • i am to always be completely naked when providing Owner a pedicure or manicure or when watching TV with Her at home
  • There is now a price to pay for being permitted to sniff Owners used panties [something i love to do]. Now, whenever i am allowed to sniff Her used panties i will be spanked 30 times on my 'clitty' whilst wearing nipple clamps
  • Purchase a perfumer diffuser to be able to wear Owners 'perfume'. Owners perfume is Her urine and i can be expected to sometimes wear Her 'perfume' by spraying it on me.
  • Organised bondage/restraint sessions where i will have to endure pain for periods of time
  • Practise more deep-throating by undertaking a series of deep throat challenges - these include deep-throating a dildo at a number of locations across London
General Behaviour
  • Seek approval prior to any Facebook postings [yes i am on Facebook and no i am not providing a link! )
  • When we go out for a meal, unless otherwise specified, Owner will choose my meal from the menu for me.
  • i am to always kneel down before Owner when asking permission for something from Her and bow my head when saying thank you afterwards. There is no need to kneel in public but i am still expected to bow when thanking Her in public.
  • All mistakes, deviations etc from the Plan will be punished and must be recorded on Trello. All punishments will count negatively when scoring the Plan. Small 'infractions' will be punished with an over the knee spanking using any implement chosen by Owner. Bigger 'infractions' will be punished using one or a combination of the following methods: ~not wearing feminine clothes ~not wearing jewellery ~not wearing makeup ~not shaving
  • When away from Owner due to work or family commitments i am to send Owner an email summarising all i have done that day

Ad-Hoc Tasks
Owner will provide these as and when they need to be completed.

i am excited and honoured to be allowed to move onto this stage of my development as part of my training to become a better wife and slut for Owner. i look forward to documenting my progress (and any pitfalls) on the blog and i hope to use the next few months to demonstrate to Owner my potential for yet further training and development.