Yesterday evening Owner and i went to see a screening of The Duke of Burgundy a film about two lesbian lovers, butterflies and moths and the demands and trials of the central characters S&M relationship. It is beautifully shot and worth checking out. As it was a trip to the cinema it also meant that i would be wearing a skirt in public once again. It is funny, wearing the skirt is not what makes the experience feel a little humiliating to me (which is part of the point) but rather the fact that i arrive in jeans and then change into a skirt so that anyone in the foyer waiting to go in who is paying attention must think to themselves 'I am sure that person was wearing skinny jeans a minute ago!'

Anyway, it is a teensy bit of public humiliation fun that i greatly enjoy as you might be able to tell from this photo that Owner took.
i adore my new skirt
Talking of Owner She has really now got into Her stride when it comes to choosing and ordering my meals for me in restaurants. Me looking at the menu has really started to become a pointless exercise. Last night before the movie She we went to an Italian restaurant where She ordered me a risotto. When the waitress came to take the orders Owner even used the phrase 'and he will have...'. i could have melted. i was in public displays of ownership and control heaven! i love the fact that little by little Owner continues o extend Her complete control over me.

Earlier in the afternoon we had a bit of a wander around the areas near to St Paul's Cathedral and went up once again to the viewing area near the shopping arcade next to it which affords great views of the cathedral and that part of London. You can get a sense o how close you are to the Dome of the Cathedral from the following picture
St. Paul's Cathedral
 And a rare shot of Owner!
After visiting the viewing area we dived into a coffee shop for a couple of hot chocolates. It was quite a cold day and, as you can see from my expression, i think i was quite pleased that we were both back inside in the


Anonymous said...

Wow, Owner is beatiful :) And you too!

Happy pet said...

Thank you Anonymous